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Make Summer Makeup Easy & Effortless

 Essential Summer Makeup Tips

With all the effort we put into our makeup application, it can be disheartening to watch it quickly melt away. It’s especially concerning when the sun, heat and humidity mix with powders and creams on your face! Have no fear – our resident experts have compiled the top summer makeup tips that will keep everything in place throughout even the most humid days.

Beat the Heat

Makeup application is much more effective when your skin isn’t warm, so why muddle the process and put makeup on a hot face? This issue arises often after showering or exercising, where the body temperature remains high even afterwards. To combat this problem try cooling down by splashing cold water on yourself or using an ice roller to bring your temperature back down before applying any cosmetics.

Utilizing Multiple Formulas

If you’re using a product that comes in both a powder and a cream formula, use both! Start with the cream first, then layer the powder on top to set. This trick can be used all over the face, from eyeliner to foundation, and even cheeks.

Press and Set Powder

With the goal of achieving a long-term hold, use a large brush to carefully press setting powder onto your skin. You don’t want to blend or buff when applying this product as it may disturb any foundation and concealer already applied.

Water-Resistant Mascara

Looking for an easy way to make your mascara waterproof? Try topping it with a water-resistant formula. This simple trick will help you avoid dreaded raccoon eyes without sacrificing the wand of your favorite mascara; plus, removal is much simpler when that sticky formula isn’t directly glued onto lashes.

Prime Your Lids

For those of us who know all too well the struggle with creased lids, this one’s for you! Priming your lids is a great way to guarantee that no matter how complex or simple your eye looks may be, it will stay in its intended place. Don’t waste more than 20 minutes on blending and layering only to have it all disappear; prime before applying any shadow – even if you’re using just one shade – so that everything stays exactly where you left it.

Setting Spray

In our opinion, setting sprays are one of the most underrated beauty products. Not only do they keep your foundation in place all day long, but also ensure that skin stays hydrated without making it greasy or shiny. To make sure your look lasts even longer, simply spritz between each layer – from primer to powder and everything in-between. Furthermore, you can reapply this spray throughout the day without worrying about getting cakey makeup; a common result of adding too much powder on top of existing layers.

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