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Unleash Your Inner Artist! Eyeliner Is Simple to Apply and More Beautiful Than You Could Ever Imagine.

For some reason, applying eyeliner can appear complex. Perhaps it’s the vast selection of tools available: pencils, pens, liquids, gels, brushes and smudgers; or maybe because you’re pointing an implement at your eyes. Or perhaps it is due to people promoting certain techniques with lengthy directions. Whatever the cause may be – don’t worry! Applying eyeliner doesn’t have to be intimidating when you know how to use everything effectively for a radiant look that lasts all day long.

Believe it or not, applying eyeliner is simple and rewarding. Even if you can barely write your own name on a piece of paper, still you’re able to apply this makeup product! You may choose a light technique—where the liner becomes practically imperceptible but accentuates your eyes without clogging up extra mascara—or as bold and glossy-looking as desired.

Applying eyeliner isn’t a complex job; all it requires is the right amount and intensity, not an intricate approach.

No matter what style you’re aiming to achieve, a few basic rules apply:

  • Choose the implement—pencil, marker, or whatever appeals to you most—that looks the simplest. These projects are all feasible so trust your judgment!
  • Begin with a few small, carefully-placed dots of color as close to the root of your lashes as possible. Forget about creating clean lines; instead rely on those little bits of hue to fill in any gaps and blend together for an effortless look. Every so often pause and take a step back to review your progress – you can add more if needed, but it’s much harder (and tedious) trying to remove excess liner using makeup remover soaked Q-tips!
  • Focus your attention on the upper and outer lashes of your eyelids, which is sufficient for most people. If you need additional coverage, then concentrate on the lower set of outer lashes next. And if desired, you may even choose to complete a unique look by applying mascara all around – though this can be too much for everyday wear!
  • When it comes to eyeliner, black is typically your best bet. However, if you have a different vision in mind and are strongly drawn to other colors, feel free to experiment! Dark brown may be suitable for individuals with fair skin tones; however, when starting out or uncertain of what shade works best for you – nothing beats the classic black. After perfecting the basics opt for something more bold as your skills improve!

Every day, embrace the natural 

If you’re a mascara user, absolutely consider investing in eyeliner. Surprisingly enough, liner gives off the illusion of natural-looking eyes with much less hassle – it does most of the eye definition for you and requires little to no mascara so there are no clumps or spider-like lashes! Start by tracing along your upper lash line using dots; once finished, add one coat of mascara before taking a step back to evaluate if anything needs more attention. The secret is making your eyes look noticeable without looking made up!

Initially, start with your natural beauty look and take it up a notch: add more mascara after the first application of eyeliner. Afterward, go in again to apply color at the top outer lash line; gradually make the liner thicker as you reach the end of your lashes. Remember less is more! It’s not necessarily about extending outwards but rather creating volume for that extra dose of glamor!With the addition of just a little more definition at the outside edge of your upper lashes, you can determine how dramatic you would like your look to be. Pen liner or liquid liner are most recommended for this style, but pencils also work if needed. Shadow is not recommended as it tends to create a smoky eye effect instead of a precise line.

Experience the Taste of Smokey Everyday

For a classic and timeless beauty look, start by lining your eyes with an everyday-pretty style. Then take it up a notch! Utilize either pencil or powder shadow to add even more color onto the initial line. To make sure you get just the right amount of smokiness, begin from your outer upper lash line using a brush or the smudger on the end of your pencil—smudging slowly upwards and outwards without going too far. Layer on more color until you achieve that perfect finish for stunning results!

To achieve a full-on major liner look, begin by tracing your eyes with a basic connect-the-dots line. Then, for added impact and drama, opt for darker shades of black or use pencils or shadows to smudge the edges; this gives off an alluringly glamorous finish that will be sure to draw attention. As you continue the liner around your eyes keep adding more product on the upper outer lash line – whether it’s in pen form, gel form, liquid form or even as geometric swaths – until you reach maximum intensity!


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