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Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Tips to Help You Retain the Shade of Your Dreams!

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Color is certainly essential, however, the way you care for your hair can make or break how long it looks its best. From the products with which you condition to regulating the water temperature when washing, all these matters impact just how vibrant and healthy your locks appear in between coloring sessions!

For those who want to maintain highlights, cover grey hairs, touch up roots or completely reinvent their shade – keep in mind that silky softness and glossy shine are ultimately key components of any successful hair color transformation – helping ensure less frequent trips back to the salon chair!

Not only will you save time and money when you reduce how often you color your hair, but the main benefit is that it limits your exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals found in most coloring products. Thus, helping safeguard your health from any potential damage caused by these harsh ingredients.

Christophe Robin’s temporary hair color is our favorite go-to for coloring at home! Not only does this product lack PPD, one of the most hazardous chemicals found in typical hair dyes and colorings, but it also contains no bleach, meaning you can avoid all the associated damage that comes with overcoloring.

This extends to even darker shades too; where usually bleaching agents are used to lighten up strands, Christophe Robin allows you to bypass these irritating effects and embrace healthier locks free from frizzy texture or split ends.

Robin’s exclusive formula blends with your hair effortlessly, giving you a color as natural-looking as if you were to pay him a visit in Paris. It also has no odor and lasts for up to seven shampoos before fading away, Available in four varying shades, it feels more like an indulgent treatment than simple coloring.

Looking for the best way to color your hair? We’ve collected some of our top tips and tricks from experts here.

Uncovering the Secret to Maintaining Color Vibrancy for Longer

To ensure that your hair color doesn’t fade, it is essential to wash it less frequently. Professional stylists recommend waiting at least a day or two between washes and utilizing an excellent color-safe shampoo.

You should also look for an ultra moisturizing shampoo that is mild and gentle on the scalp; this will enable you to benefit from the natural oils produced by your scalp

Additionally, pay attention to the water temperature when washing your hair; rather than using hot water, which can open up the cuticles of the hair shaft and make way for color molecules to escape, opt for cool or lukewarm temperatures instead!

Commit to Your Conditioning

Just like the oils produced by your scalp help keep color vibrant near your roots, luxurious conditioners can do wonders for maintaining vibrancy and healthiness at the ends and mid-lengths.

Pamper Your Hair With the Perfect Towel

Microfiber towels are a game changer for hair care. Not only do they reduce frizz and breakage, but they also speed up the drying process, leaving you with beautiful tresses. I’m in love with this particular towel; its ability to both improve the look of my locks and save me time is extraordinary!

Keep It Hydrated With Weekly Masks

At-home hair treatments are a must! Think of it this way: if you don’t take your vitamins before getting sick, they won’t help as much.

It’s the same principle with conditioning masks and treatments: use them regularly to keep healthy locks, or else when damage has already been done, trying to fix it will be more difficult. Tthese at-home remedies should become part of their routine for beautiful hair all year round!

Discover Your Ideal Shade

While visiting your salon, bring in a baby or childhood photo of yourself as an inspirational reference for the hair color you desire; it’s fool-proof! Nature has already blessed us with beautiful natural colors that work best on our individual skin tones.

If you’re looking to dye your hair at home, try going one shade lighter than what you initially intend. Hair tends to turn out darker than expected, particularly around the hairline, since this area of the head usually grows in less pigment and holds color differently compared to other parts. To prevent any potential disaster scenarios with darkening roots near or on your face, pick up a different (lighter!) dye specifically allotted for that section of your mane!

Color Your Own Roots From Home!

Root touch-ups are a cinch to complete from home, making for fewer appointments with the salon. All you need to do is color within the line of demarcation – where your treated hair meets your new growth—and leave everything else be.

Not coloring beyond this boundary will ensure each shade blends seamlessly together; in contrast, overcoloring can result in an unnatural ‘hot root” look or a darker hue than desired. For advanced techniques like highlights or allover color changes, though, it’s best that you visit professionals at the salon who specialize in these services!

Stop Fading and Brassy Colors!

Delay the unavoidable loss of hair color vibrancy with these expert tips!

1. Utilize Hot Tools with Discretion

When you apply heat to bleached hair without a quality thermal protector, color fading and breakage are practically an inevitability. Flat irons and curling irons can be particularly damaging if used regularly in such conditions, so think twice!

2. Reduce your exposure to the sun’s rays and chlorine.

Hair behaves similarly to a sponge, thus it is essential to shield it from the sun and chlorine-filled pools just like one would protect their skin.

Unfortunately, there’s no sunscreen specifically made for hair so make sure you apply leave-in conditioner when dry or drench with water before putting your locks up in a bun. Additionally, donning an ample brimmed hat will help increase protection against UV rays!

3. Care for Your H2O!

Depending on the minerals in a city’s water supply, you may be dealing with hard or soft water that can significantly influence your hair’s color and texture. Even if it seems like magic to you, don’t expect your locks to do any miracles – should they unexpectedly turn green overnight, chances are it is due to your local tap!

Dull, discolored hair? Minerals in your water could be to blame. Calcium darkens tresses, magnesium and calcium form lime scale that disrupts texture, iron gives an undesirable brassy hue, and copper can cause blonde strands to turn green from oxidation buildup. To combat this issue of mineral-induced damage on color treated hair, Cunningham recommends showerhead filters!

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