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What Makeup Should You Wear for a Wedding?

When it comes to wedding makeup, the best approach is always natural: enhanced but still you! The issue with chasing a perfect look lies in its impossibility. The memories that everyone cherishes are often of real moments and imperfections – true happiness captured on-camera. Opt for less precision and more emotion when deciding your wedding day makeover– you won’t regret it!

As a bride, when you think of your wedding day makeup look it’s important to consider those special in-motion moments – from laughing and crying to dancing and hugging. You don’t need too much coverage with foundation or powder, rather just ramp up some essential elements for the perfect look: softly sculpted brows, radiant skin, long lashes, and rosy tinted lips & cheeks. By combining these details together you’ll achieve an effortless beauty that won’t smudge no matter how hot or cold your venue may be!

Let’s Get Started

It’s all up to you on how much or little makeup you choose to put on. Always cleanse your skin and apply an eye cream and moisturizer before anything else. For a long-lasting lift with immediate de-puffing, dedicate 10 minutes of your day to rolling a vibrating skincare roller over your face – it will be worth the relief that follows! Plus, if you’re feeling extra luxurious, throw in some cooling eye masks for added benefits.

Give your skin the ultimate foundation it needs to stay vibrant and healthy by evening out its tone and minimizing any blemishes. Utilize a primer so that your makeup looks flawless all day (or night). Prioritize concealer when covering up anything you don’t like, as this will be more effective than using foundation for coverage.

Smooth a pristine foundation or tinted moisturizer to obtain an even complexion, and then use concealer for any further desired enhancements.


For an immediate and transformative effect, start with your eyes. You don’t need to opt for a bold eye color if you’re not feeling it – instead focus on defining your eyes and lashes as much as possible. Liquid liner is the perfect tool to give you great definition and structure that can instantly revive any look, whether drawn delicately along the base of your upper lash line or blended out into sultry smokiness.

Be Ready

Need to have a fresh face all night? Make sure your bridesmaid is equipped with some essential items: facial wipes, Q-tips and blotting papers. This will help you avoid any unexpected smudges or spills while keeping you looking beautiful throughout the wedding.

Rosy Up Those Cheeks

Asides from your forehead, another area that requires a bit of blush is your cheekbones. To achieve the perfect look on this special day, layer a super neutral shade such as brown and rose colors at the bottom followed by brighter colors up top. Instead of contouring on this important day, simply smile while dabbing some blush onto the apples of your cheeks for an elegant final touch!


Wear the lip color that expresses your distinct personality! To prevent unwanted inquiries like “Wow, you went for bright red, huh?” on such an important day, apply a thin layer first and let it oxidize. Blot after applying to make sure it lasts all through the celebration – just remember to reapply as needed throughout the night.

Shine It’s Your Day

Ultimately, it’s all about you! If extra dazzle is what your heart desires, go for it and make the day yours. Contour and sparkle away without hesitation – after all, this special event belongs to no one else but you!

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