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Your Guide to Using a Makeup Sponge

Everything You Need to Know About the Makeup Sponge

Despite the fact that everyone you know is using a beauty blender, you’re late to use one too. If you have been utilizing a makeup brush or foam wedge instead, it can be hard to get used to  a cylindrical sponge.

Do not fret though, because the professional team 100% Pure has waited until we knew our signature beauty sponge was perfect before releasing it . Now that it’s available, we also have all of the tips and tricks required for mastering application techniques.

By following the makeup tips below from experienced professionals, you can learn how to properly use a beauty blender and product of your choice to create a flawless finish.

How Do You Use a Makeup Sponge?

The makeup sponge isn’t only versatile but it’s also long-lasting and easy to care for. It doesn’t matter if you’re using liquids, creams, powders, or even smudging your eyeliner–a makeup sponge will undoubtedly help create a flawless look. Plus, this applicator is perfect for people who are uncomfortable using their fingers to apply products.


We know you’ve been waiting for a non-toxic, efficient primer– and your wait is over. 100% Pure’s Mattifying Primer only uses the best ingredients, our unique skin-firming compound created from natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

This gel primer can also be applied with a makeup sponge in addition to your fingers for better precision in small areas.


You can use our liquid or cream-based foundation with a beauty sponge for an even, flawless finish. If you want to experiment with powder foundation, go ahead–our sponge will work just as well. In the past, people have had trouble applying liquid foundation because it would line and streak; however, once you master how to correctly use a cosmetic sponge, those days are gone!

Applying cream foundation is easy with a wet sponge application style; this method helps thin out the product so it’s evenly distributed.


Makeup sponges are excellent for creating a natural, blended, and even-toned appearance. If you don’t use them correctly though, concealers can go from good to bad very quickly. For example, if you use too much product when trying to color-correct dark circles, you could end up with ‘raccoon eyes.’ Additionally, choosing the wrong shade of makeup can result in attracting more attention to blemishes instead of concealing them.

Makeup Sponge Tips for Beginners 

Makeup sponges are much easier to use than other options like your fingers or a brush. A big reason why is the wet application technique, which helps the product stay fluid while you’re applying it. This lets the makeup go on smoothly over your face and makes positioning it simpler before it dries and sets.

Start with Primer

Not only does our primer have plant-based ingredients that ensure your skin stays hydrated, but it also provides the perfect grip for foundation. You can use your fingers to apply the primer, or if you prefer a sponge or would like to practice with one before using color, this is a great option.

  • To start, make your sponge wet and then squeeze out all the water.
  • Then, take a small amount of primer onto either the back of your hand or a clean palette. 
  • From there, use the tip of your sponge to lift the primer off your skin and apply it gently all over your face in an upward motion until blended evenly around areas such as jawline, hairline, and nose. 
  • Once the primer is dry, you can start foundation.


A makeup sponge is only as good as the foundation it’s being used with. The ingredients in your foundation are important, not just finding the right shade. 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation contains hydrating and skin-restorative ingredients like white tea, eucalyptus, and rose petal.

Follow these simple steps to apply our foundation with a damp sponge for best results:

  1. Dampen your sponge and remove excess water.
  2. Using a clean spatula, take out some product from the container and place it on the back of your hand.
  3. Lift the product from the back of your hand using the sponge’s tip.
  4. Use small bouncy dabbing motions all over the area needing coverage – focus primarily on shiny t-zone and any redness.
  5. Use one end of the sponge to apply your foundation, and then use the other end to buff away any excess product. This will blur any obvious lines or streaks, creating an airbrush-like finish that looks completely real and natural.

Susie Wang, our founder, loves how this application method for foundation creates a natural finish that looks like it was done by an airbrush.


For concealers that will give you great results and optimal coverage, start with a high-quality product. Many people use and love 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Concealer because it conceals without caking and making your skin look fake. This allows your natural skin to retain its radiance and evenness.

To apply the concealer like a professional, use a beauty sponge. After wetting your sponge and squeezing away excess water, follow these easy application techniques.

Under the Eyes

To gently cover the inside corner of your eye, use a concealer and blend it down towards your nose. You’ll know you need to do this if the area under your eyes is darker than usual.

Use the edge of a sponge to quickly bounce it downwards and outwards, without dragging or pulling, to lightly press product into skin and blur any noticeable edges.


If your blemish is in the healing stage and dry/flaky, use the same bouncing technique you used for under your eyes. This will help the product fill small cracks without emphasizing dry skin. Gently blend edges so they’re not visible.

For early stage blemishes that are red and swollen, we recommend switching to a precision-based brush. A brush can help apply more product directly to the area, which can avoid having the concealer slide off of a hot, red bump.


If you need more coverage for areas of redness, use the wide side of your makeup sponge to apply concealer in a gentle sweeping motion. 

If necessary, wait for the first layer to dry before applying a second one. By using this technique, you will be able to achieve perfect color-correction while avoiding any harsh edges.

Here’s Some Advice 

Even if you’re just using a beauty sponge with water, there are still some helpful tips to follow for the best results.

Remember to always remove excess water from the sponge before use. The makeup sponge is designed specifically to be used damp – this is for two reasons. First, it prevents the product from being wasted by absorbing into the sponge itself. Second, it allows you to blend and move the product around on your skin more easily so that you can get desired coverage.

You should wash your sponge with soap and water after each use. Using a mild shampoo or dish soap, if available, will cleanse the sponge and avoid wasting product. It also keeps the sponge clean and bacteria-free. 

Don’t dip. To soak the sponge without dipping it into your product (and thus avoiding contact with possible bacteria), put a small amount of makeup on the back of your hand then dip the wetted Sponge in from that position.

Using a makeup sponge is the simplest way to apply your products for an effortlessly natural look.

Choosing a Sponge

While some sponges can be great for your skin, others are made with materials that end up being poisonous to your skin or body. 

Stay away from latex. A prime example is latex – many people have allergies to latex, and even those who don’t can still be sensitive to it. Using products containing latex often results in severe irritation of the skin. 

Choose cruelty free. Another factor you should take into account when choosing a sponge is whether it’s cruelty-free or not; meaning, none of the product nor its ingredients were tested on animals during production. 100% Pure has a very strict policy against animal testing throughout all stages of production, so you can be rest assured no animals were harmed in the making of our products.

Versatility is key. The 100% Pure Beauty Sponge is versatile and easy to use, with a pointed end that helps reach those hard-to-blend areas. This ensures a natural, even finish for your makeup application.

Go for odor free. Only the cleanest beauty sponges are also made from odor-free, non-allergenic materials so that even those with sensitive skin can apply their makeup without irritation. 

And we’re proud to say 100% Pure beauty sponges are the cleanest and greenest in the industry!

Makeup Blenders For Everyone

The 100% Pure Makeup Blender will help you to effortlessly create perfect makeup looks that you’ll love – it’s time to trust something new! 

At 100% Pure, we pride ourselves on always delivering the safest, most natural products. Our beauty tools are no exception and are completely cruelty-free.


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