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Mastering the Art of Strobing

Learn How to Achieve A Flawless Glow

Strobing, an incredible alternative to contouring, is all about adding dazzling light to the highest points of your face with glowy cream and powder cosmetics. Mineral makeup can give you this ultra-luminous look—so how do you achieve it? We’ll tell you how.

Discover the Finest Products for Incredible Strobing Effects

For a strobed look, there are various choices to pick from. Creamy or liquid highlighters that you can dab on the face’s highest points will give an all-natural gleam. If you have combination skin type, then illuminating highlight powder is your best choice for achieving greater intensity and long wearing results.

Learn How to Strobe

When we use cream and powder together, magical results occur. I adore applying a soft, glossy cream or liquid highlighter to the middle of my forehead, along the bridge of my nose and orbital bone, above both eyebrows’ arching bones as well as cupid’s bow; plus adding some glow in each corner of my eyes too! Lastly but not least – A touch on center chin for that perfect finish.

Afterwards, dust a lightweight highlight powder with the utmost precision using the RÓEN Everything Eye Brush. The shimmer highlight shade from Jane Iredale’s GreatShape Contour Kit in medium to dark is perfection itself. This technique of layering cream over powder ensures not only an enduring look but also a radiant and healthy complexion all day long.

Finally, apply a touch of color to your cheeks by dabbing on some cream blush for a subtle warmth. Then blend it out until the product melts into your skin.

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