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Matte Lip with Long-Lasting Results

Durability for Matte Lipsticks 

Matte lipstick is here to stay! The 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick has been acclaimed as the go-to for a longwear matte lip. So, why not give it a try? With its vibrant color and remarkable staying power, our mineral lipstick crayons are sure to take your beauty look up a notch. Follow our easy tips for achieving perfect lips that last all day long!


To attain beautiful, polished lips when dealing with dryness or dehydration, it is best to start by delicately exfoliating your lip area. Reach for a damp towel, soft toothbrush or Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Scrub and gently remove any dead skin cells that may be present. Then you are ready to apply matte formulas flawlessly. 


After exfoliating, pat your lips dry and immediately moisten with a hydrating balm. Let the balm absorb into your lips while you apply your face makeup.

Lip Liner 

For enhanced accuracy and a neat lip line, simply sharpen your Ere Perez Coco Crayon to a fine point for use as an expert lip liner!


Pamper your lips with a lavish color that is nourish for an ultra-luxurious feel, such as 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze. The color glides on effortlessly and, when it dries, establishes you up with durability. 

To make the most of your lip color, do not press your lips together for prolonged periods. If you need to apply more after lunchtime is over, take advantage of the products and reapply! 

Removing the Products 

If you’re looking for a makeup remover to power through stubborn longwear lip color, your best bet is an oil-based cleanser like Z&MA Cleansing Oil. Start by applying the oil onto your dry lips and massaging with dry hands. When water is introduced into this equation, it will transform into a milky white substance that’ll be easy to rinse off – just pat down with a towel afterwards and apply some balm! Your lips will thank you later.

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