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Meet the Do-It All Multi-Tasker Palettes

The One-Stop Solution

Are you a busy bee who needs to look their best? We have the perfect solution for you: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® palettes in Rose Gold & Better Naked. This single product is everything-you-need, and more! 

From eye shadow to bronzer to contour, it has got your back! Plus, this sleek palette fits perfectly into any travel bag or makeup pouch—meaning that no matter how much space (or lack thereof) you have available; this multitasking essential will be there for you.

Follow our guide below for ideas on ways through which you can integrate these palettes into your daily beauty routine and simplify mornings once again.


100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Better Naked Palette is your way to go. Create a stunning eye look with either one color or multiple shades for an alluring appearance.

Soft Glow

Illuminate your cheeks and eyes with the luminous Rose Gold shades for a magical, iridescent look.


Illuminate your lips and eyes with the gold shade for a glamorous shine.


Ignite the eyes or face with a smoldering matte bronze hue.

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