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Mistakes Made With Skincare Routines

Steer Clear of Common Skincare Blunders

Crafting the ultimate skincare routine is essential, but taking care of your skin isn’t just about knowing what products to buy – it’s also about avoiding popular pitfalls that could potentially cause damage. Don’t let yourself become a victim of these widespread skincare mistakes!

Plunging your fingers into product pots

If your foundation or eye cream come in a glass jar, don’t dip your fingers inside. Even if your hands are clean, you could be unknowingly transferring bacteria and oil to your creams. It’s best to use a spatula, scoop or fresh cotton swab with each use.

Gently kneading and stretching your skin

Unknowingly, we place a lot of strain on our skin by merely tugging and massaging it daily. This ranges from pulling the eyelid taught to applying eye cream―especially in delicate areas like around your eyes. Sadly, over time this can cause facial skin to become less elastic due to excessive rubbing! Therefore, learn how to properly apply your eye cream today for healthier looking skin tomorrow!

Neglecting to clean your cellphone on a regular 

How often do you think about how many times a day your phone gets touched? Cleaning it daily or at least once a week with the right product is essential. Regular household cleaners are not suitable for your phone’s screen – use only products that were made specifically for this purpose to make sure it stays pristine and smooth!

Over-exfoliating can take a toll on your skin

 Take your skincare routine up a notch with exfoliation! This process of removing dead skin cells will help to bring fresh, brighter-looking skin to the surface. Start out by gently exfoliating two times per week and increase as necessary: once all over the body and then target any particularly rough or textured areas that may need additional attention.

Dismissing the signs of dehydration can have dire consequences.

If you have parched, dry skin that feels tight and flaky to the touch, your body may be lacking much-needed hydration. To combat this issue and restore a healthy glow to your complexion, introduce a hydrating serum containing Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine twice daily – before applying moisturizer in both morning and evening.

Ignoring the upkeep of your makeup brushes 

Oil and cosmetics can rapidly accumulate on your makeup brushes, so make sure to clean them with an alcohol-based cleanser between uses. However, don’t forget the importance of a deep cleanse! For optimal hygiene purposes, you should use either baby shampoo or another gentle soap once per week in order to remove any stubborn buildup that has collected over time. Don’t let dirt and grime linger; keep your makeup brushes clean for years of beauty!

Incorrectly applying 

To maximize the benefits of your skincare routine, it is essential to apply products in the correct order. For instance, since serums are intended to penetrate deep into your skin while SPF lies on top of its surface, you should not layer sunscreen first. Educate yourself about how best to sequence and layer all of your skincare solutions for radiant results!

Neglecting to take off your makeup before going to bed 

Time and again, we are reminded that leaving makeup on overnight is terrible for our skin. Not only does it settle into fine lines, but also prevents your complexion from completing its nightly renewing process. Even if you use mineral-based products or ‘skin-healthy’ cosmetics, the dirt and residue from the day should still be wiped away each night before bedtime.

Don’t neglect the importance of SPF protection! 

One of the most important items on this list is suncare. You likely don’t realize it, but you get exposed to sunlight every day – whether you’re driving in your car, sitting near a window at home, or taking your dog for a walk. Therefore, make sure that you apply sunscreen daily to all areas of skin that could be affected by the sun’s rays and remember to reapply if necessary.

Applying the incorrect products for your complexion 

Are you struggling with your skin? It might be time to take a look at the basics of skincare. If your skin is dry, make sure that it has plenty of hydrating ingredients and if it’s oily, pick out products formulated for purifying agents. Figuring out what type of skin you have will help ensure that you choose the ideal routine for gorgeous looking skin!

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