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Best Natural Perfume Brands for Worry-Free Luxury

With scents that charm and last, and skin-nourishing ingredients for a better you.

Natural PerfumeFor many of us, perfumes are our first introduction into the dreamy world of cosmetic products. Whether it’s our mom’s favorite scent, or the fragrance department that washes over our senses when we first step into a mall, perfumes are at the frontline of the cosmetic world. So much that they’ve found a home in almost all skin care, makeup, and personal care products in your bathroom cabinet. Ever seen the world “fragrance” or “parfum” on an ingredients list? Yup, it’s everywhere.

So, why natural perfume?

What’s not so pretty about these ethereal scents is the fact that they’re guilty for containing some of the most toxic chemical ingredients out there. Why? Because of a loophole in FDA regulations. The FDA allows companies to label any fragrance mixture as simply “fragrance” or “parfum” without having to list each individual ingredients. Yes, that means literally anything could be hiding in your favorite perfume, from hormone-disrupting phthalates to petrochemicals.

So we set our minds on helping you sort through the disorienting range of products out there, and recommending you only the most health conscious products. These natural perfumes are all free of harmful synthetic ingredients, and cruelty-free. Many are also vegan and handcrafted with the most high quality organic and natural ingredients. Because we deserve to indulge in our senses without having our health and other living beings suffer for it. Not to worry, we’ll help you find your signature scent in no time.

Best natural perfume lines

Skylar Eau de ToiletteImage copyrighted by

Skylar fragrance collection

Despite Skylar’s strict standards for health-conscious formulations, they have an extensive range of eau de toilettes with unique personalities of their own. Their whole fragrance line is “6-Free,” meaning that they’re always free of 6 of the most harmful ingredients in the beauty industry. You won’t be finding any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients and animal testing, or synthetic dyes in their collection. Take their quiz to find your new scent BFF or try their sample palette.

Mandarin Peony Eau de ParfumTulip fragrance oils

Tulip fragrance oils are all one woman’s ode to the natural beauty of the Californian coast, imbued with her lifelong obsession with perfume-making. All products are proudly free of sulfates, dye, parabens, and phthalates. With a nod to holistic living, they’re also all cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free too. Tulip offers a Classic Collection featuring Eau de Parfums inspired by the intersection of natural scents and elegant femininity (try their sample pack!). Have a fond love for the lush smell of gardens and forests? The unisex Charmed Collection offers comforting scents imbued with the essence of Earth.

Lavanilla fragrances

Love the smell of vanilla? You’re in luck. A warm Madagascar vanilla scent forms the base of the entire Lavanilla fragrance collection, with skin-soothing botanical ingredients to create truly pampersome formulas. We’re talking about deluxe ingredients like goji berry, hydrating sea algae, and kakadu plum. In addition to having a strict no-list that includes nasties like petrochemicals, parabens, and phthalates, Lavanilla makes all products cruelty-free. All scents are long-lasting and gentle on sensitive skin (and noses!).

Pacifica perfumes

Pacifica’s extensive perfume collection makes sense when you think about the founder’s experience in aromatherapy. Her love for essential oils imbues the entire Pacifica cosmetics line. Pacifica perfumes are made in small batches in Portland, Oregon. From spray perfumes and perfume oils to even body mists, you can trust that they’re all vegan, cruelty-free, and free of toxic synthetic ingredients. Overwhelmed by all the choices? Fans are enamored by the French Lilac Spray Perfume and Breath Taking Aromapower Micro-Batch Perfume Oil that features skin-enriching jojoba oil.

Ecco Bella eu de parfums

True to the formulations of their entire cosmetics line, Ecco Bella sources high quality botanical ingredients such as Bulgarian lavender and Madagascar vanilla to scent their perfumes. The perfumes offer a luxurious experience in scent without toxic chemical ingredients found in almost every high-end fragrance. They’re all cruelty-free too, as Ecco Bella is an activist company that cares about the whole planet.

Red Flower organic perfumes

Red Flower’s organic perfumes reach the height of luxury without guilt, with their biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas. Their collection consists of highly sophisticated blends with unique truly one-of-a-kind scent notes. All nourishing oils are made to be biocompatible, meaning that they mingle with each person’s different body oils to create a unique experience. With such wonderfully complex yet synthetic chemical free perfumes, you’ll begin to wonder why more luxury brands aren’t following suit.


With deluxe natural perfumes like the ones listed above, you’ll experience sophistication on a whole new level that’s not offered by conventional ones. Health and eco-conscious formulas with divine scents to suit your unique self? There’s something for everyone in natural beauty. We think it’s time to say goodbye to cookie-cutter formulas, and look for something that will truly help us experience life in its sensual yet mindful vitality.

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