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A Next-Level No Makeup Makeup Look

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On this blog, we have riveting conversations with the cream of the crop in makeup artistry, dermatology, hairstyling, business founding, and beyond; as well as nutritionists, all on what beauty truly means. Even if you don’t think it’s a topic that concerns you much to begin with, prepare to be captivated!

For the majority of models, a light sweep of bronzer and a luminescent nude lip gloss set them up for success both mentally and physically—their skin sparkles with newfound vibrancy.

Similarly, when I stick to my skincare regimen along with doing my hair and makeup appropriately, it gives me an extra push of motivation to tackle whatever comes my way that day. Feeling put-together has its own reward; you can just feel how differently you carry yourself afterwards!

My go-to everyday look is a perfect mix of no-makeup makeup with soft glam. I’m always drawn to chocolate and bronzy pigments paired with my skin’s natural dewiness. A few must-have items in my beauty arsenal include meltable tints, glow oils for lips and skin, some simple hair tricks, and the most flattering pair of high waisted jeans out there!

For a Luminous and Dewy Skin

Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Serum is my go-to canvas before applying makeup or sunscreen; along with a few drops of face oil serum, it gives me a luminous, healthy looking complexion.

I adore the creamy texture that melts effortlessly into my skin and leaves behind only natural radiance. To top it off, I always dab on some subtle luminizer to brighten up any blemishes, followed by concealer for extra coverage where necessary.

Crafting the Perfect Bronze

Women of color are typically not associated with bronzer, but it can elevate a look immensely. You can use cream bronzer that is deep in shade and has reddish undertones; the blend catches light ever so subtly on my cheekbones.

After lightly blending it in, I layer a hint of blush or cheek tint for an added rosy flush; shades such as peachy or pink tend to contrast nicely against the other darker neutral pigments created by the bronzing powder!

Luscious Lip Luster

This magnificent lip gloss is the definition of brilliance. Looking for neutral-toned hues and long lasting wear? Formulated using Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, this unique composition offers supreme hydration without any tackiness—perfect for when you need to put your best lip forward!

Effortless, Sleek Hair for the Modern Woman

When I’m feeling laid-back, my go-to hairstyle is a center part and low bun. This look always appears polished without needing to do any intricate styling; plus, it’s chic!

To further finesse the style and obtain sleek edges without having to slick down everything, a paddle brush does wonders for taming baby hairs. If there’s a specific aesthetic I’m striving for, then smoothing everything down is an ideal choice.

I am currently in the process of creating my heatless rollers, so I can twist out and sleep in prototypes for a beautiful curl at the ends. On occasions when my hair needs some TLC, I visit an incredible hairstylist who specializes in lightweight braids—she also adds highlights and color! Braiding is great as it does not require much effort; perfect for busy moms like me!

Capture the Spotlight with Night-Time Glamour Makeup

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’m a fan of dramatic red lips and sharp black eyeliner. To tie everything together and make me feel calm, I craft my fragrances with essential oils! My signature scent consists of jojoba oil blended with palo santo in a rollerball that I apply behind my ears or at the wrists for an extra grounding effect.

Timelessness with a Contemporary Edge

For a timeless look, I usually opt for jeans from G. Label and an oversized button-up shirt that can be tucked in or layered over a pleated skirt for a school-inspired style. Having worn uniforms throughout my academic years, collared shirts have always been attractive to me—even more so when you find them at thrift stores!


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