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Nighttime Beauty Routine

Get Ready for a Peaceful Sleep

After a tedious day, I treat myself to an invigorating and soothing shower. To start my routine, I usually begin with dry brushing. Although you can do this before or after the shower, I prefer it beforehand so that all of its physical benefits are unlocked right away. The brush is super efficient at exfoliating; plus, it feels fabulous!

I’m head over heels for the incredible Sea Salt Scalp Scrub; it’s like no other shampoo out there. It feels both luxurious and revitalizing when applied, thanks to its glittering crystals that exfoliate your scalp while delivering a hydrating cleanse. This unique product is simply fantastic for maintaining healthy hair!

The luxurious Coconut Body Scrub is the perfect blend of oils and salts—my skin has never felt smoother! This exfoliating scrub not only gently cleanses, but also leaves your body glowing with hydration. Indulge yourself in a spa-like experience at home, and discover why this scrub is so beloved by many.

After I finish showering, it’s time for my nightly facial routine. To start, I use a face matcha exfoliator—even though the jar says to only use it two or three times a week, I end up using it almost every night!

I massage this incredible mixture into my skin, leaving it there for a few moments before I do what I like to call the third exfoliation: washing it off with a warm cotton washcloth. This powerful formula is packed with matcha powder and colloidal oatmeal, which helps take care of any stubborn dead skin.

After a good exfoliation, I love to use plant-derived Retinol as an alternative serum. My skin is usually quite dry, but this isn’t just your regular oil-based product—it’s an advanced treatment! The formula only has the best natural ingredients, and they did wonders for my skin. I’m absolutely in love with this product.

After having applied the serum, I then make sure to apply my eye cream with a touch of finesse. The act of gently dabbing it on is an essential part of the process—and one that yields truly beautiful results!

Depending on the time of year and my location, I make decisions regarding whether to use a night cream or not. In summertime, while residing on the East Coast with its humid air, I usually don’t require too much; however, during the winter months in California, this particular night cream is an absolute must-have for me!

To end my evening ritual, I love to use nourishing body oil or butter. The 100% Pure brand of body butter is currently at the top of my list! Afterward, I dab some lip balm on for good measure, and that’s all!

It’s been a fantastic night, but I must be off to bed. Until next time!

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