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On Sundays, Pamper Your Skin to Perfection At Home

(No Need for a Trip to the Dermatologist!)

Step inside the studio of holistic aesthetician Melanie Herring, situated in Williamsburg’s picturesque tree-lined streets, and you’ll be met with an enchanting aroma that is its own form of treatment! Once your facial has finished, you will find yourself not only feeling reinvigorated in spirit but also marvelously transformed – particularly when it comes to your skin.

By exploring the intricate connection between stress, diet and lifestyle choices to skin issues, Herring seeks to utilize your body’s natural healing capabilities. “The skin can be a gateway to recovery,” she explains. With her special skill set in resolving problematic skin conditions, Herring will work alongside you on your journey of transformation and empowerment.

At the event, Herring’s treatments were met with resounding enthusiasm from attendees. “My skin has never looked or felt this great,” reported one harried working mom of three! While the immediate results are evident, those who have been receiving her services for a longer time frame – many of whom began their journey having serious breakouts, sensitivities or sun damage – report equally astounding transformations.

Making the most of an Herring facial experience starts with a tarot or animal-spirit card reading, which allows further exploration into everything that may be influencing your complexion. During our journey at Herring we delved into the realm of animal-spirits and were left feeling relaxed yet mentally stimulated. It was truly a delightful experience! As you enter Herring’s space, soothing music and calming aromas evoke a tranquil atmosphere, lowering your stress levels.

When you finally lay down on her massage table, it feels like entering an alternate realm. With her masterful massage techniques combined with the custom selection of creams, oils, balms and mists that she expertly applies to the body; you will soon be in a state of complete relaxation. Enjoy one of three beverages offered from tea to water or broth for hydration as She provides this deeply relaxing experience just for You!

Unfortunately, not all of us can experience a treatment with the great Herring. We wanted to bring her treatments to you in another way–by capturing their spirit. Herring’s approach always begins and ends with radical self-acceptance coupled by ample hydration for support!

To accurately emulate Herring’s slow, massage-infused and botanical-rich approach to skincare, we have constructed a short but effective routine. Replacing her hands is an alluring gold roller that vibrates—though the intent of taking care of yourself and your skin still stands. We recommend using this routine on Sunday afternoons for maximum tranquility; whether it be during or following a bath.

The Best Skin Care Routine: 

Apply Cleanser



Face Oil


Face Mask


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