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Establishing a Clean Standard: Uncovering the Meaning of 100%Pure Beauty

At 100%Pure, we are on a mission to redefine clean beauty; it’s an endeavor that requires remarkable ingredients and unmatched expertise. Our determination stems from our strong belief that cosmetics should be made with safer components while still making women look their best. With this in mind, we have taken the initiative to bring innovation into the realm of clean beauty ingredients – all while adhering to The 100%Pure Rules which define what “clean” means for us at 100% Pure. We will not waver or compromise in upholding these standards as they serve as our guiding light towards creating groundbreaking products for you!

Pamper Your Skin with Natural, Nurturing Elements

We take pride in sourcing only the best, raw and pure ingredients—all certified organic and wildcrafted. We also stay on top of cutting-edge technology to provide an ever better clean beauty experience while always adhering to our strict safety guidelines. Thus, you can trust that each product is tested with care before it reaches your hands!

Unparalleled Excellence & Absolute Clarity

At our company, we believe in transparency and proudly disclose all of the hand-selected ingredients used in our products, including fragrances (which are never synthetic). While not every synthetic is necessarily bad nor all natural components good—it ultimately depends on how safe it is for human health. To guarantee this safety level, we have conducted patch tests with a professional dermatologist to prove that our goods are non-irritants. We strive to manufacture only the purest products without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. To guarantee the safety of our products, an experienced toxicologist evaluates and assesses each individual ingredient in the formula to ensure that it is secure. Furthermore, they examine how much of that component is being used as well as its safety profile.

A Health-Centric Outlook

You should feel secure and confident in the beauty products you use, which is why ours are free of harsh ingredients such as parabens, gluten, synthetic fragrances, GMOs, sulfate and phthalates. We believe that true radiance comes from within—restful sleep; regular exercise; a nutritious diet with plenty of hydration—and our skin-care solutions help to emphasize this natural glow. But also don’t forget to live life! Indulge yourself every now and then with some French fries or stay up late if necessary – because we want you to always look and feel beautiful inside & out.

An Eco-Friendly Tomorrow

We are passionate about being environmentally sustainable and mindful in the selection of our ingredients and production process. To propel us closer to a green future, we’ve recently added more refillable products to our line-up; many of which can be recycled. We hope that through this initiative, we will inspire others towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle!

Let Us Provide All the Answers You Need!

We are thrilled that clean beauty is becoming more accessible, and we congratulate those who take the time to do their research when it comes to a brand’s standards. That urge for learning and rejecting norms is exactly what inspired us at 100%Pure. We have complete trust in the security of our products; therefore, let’s answer some common queries:

1.Where are the products of 100%Pure made?

Our manufacturing partners are GMP Certified, meaning they meet the quality standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This makes sure that our products have a high natural content – at least 90%! Furthermore, their expertise in formulating organic ingredients allows us to provide top-notch quality for every product.

2.Tell me, why do you integrate some synthetic materials into your products?

Although not all artificial ingredients are hazardous and not all natural products ideal, it is essential to consider their level of safety for human health. At 100%Pure, we prefer natural components in our formulas; yet when they do not meet the standards of high performance, we believe that innovative synthetic elements have a right to be included- providing they pass strenuous regulatory checks and abide by our safety protocols. In those cases where organic components are inadequate for use in particular recipes, synthetics can play an integral role if proven safe. Our product development team thoroughly inspects each ingredient for safety and quality to ensure that all meet our restrictions: EWG rating of 3 or lower, EU/FDA standards, and also international regulations such as FD&C colorants. We only use FDA approved colorants designed specifically for food, drugs, and cosmetics when natural mineral derived colors cannot be used – especially pinks and red hues.

3.How many ingredients do you not allow in your products?

Unlike the United States which only bans 30 ingredients from personal care products, 100%Pure refuses to use numerous detrimental substances and instead follows in line with the rigorous safety standards of other countries such as Canada and European Union. We’re proud to be called 100%Pure.

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