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Overnight Hair-Care Trick to Healthy Hair  

Easy Trick

In the past, I straightened my hair with chemical relaxers that were harsh on my scalp and unknowingly filled me with hormone-disrupting chemicals. Later, when I tried bleaching it white, I ended up in a lengthy post-bleach grow-out phase where cowlicks sprouted from all directions of my head.

After years of damage and breakage, I’ve come to know that my hair looks best when it’s curly, twisted, floaty, deep brown, and 100% natural. Fortunately, I have finally uncovered a strategy for maintaining its luxurious state much longer than before!

It is well known that curly hair can be drier than normal and prone to breakage. It also tends to attract frizz with the slightest bit of humidity, making it difficult for those with curls or waves to keep their locks in place. But what many don’t realize is that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase does just as much damage—more unruly frizz, split ends, and even destruction of the previous day’s style!

Every week, my friend would spend $45 on a blowout in hopes of maintaining her amazing mane for the next few days. Unfortunately, it never worked out as she expected—after only three mornings, her hair was completely disheveled, and she had to wash it again. Knowing how much money and frustration this could save her, I sent her a video so that she can do professional-level blowouts from home! This has made such an impactful change in both time saved and cost reduced that now there’s no need for weekly appointments or pricey products anymore.

For centuries, black women have utilized a genius method of protecting and fortifying their hair. Its effectiveness is limitless for any hair type; it’s the age-old trick of wrapping your locks before you slumber! Regardless of what type of tresses you possess, this timeless practice can deliver stunning results—less breakage and richer hydration.

Silk Turban

As a child, my mother tried to teach me how to wrap my hair in a silk scarf at night, but I was too carefree and rebellious. However, this unique turban-style bonnet has caught my attention with its vintage appeal and modern Instagram aesthetics, prompting me to give wrapping another chance!

The process is so convenient; you simply slide it over your head and then tie it securely on the top—in only two seconds flat. Despite being effortless, the results are incredibly impressive!

The miraculous benefit of wearing a cap at night is beyond my expectations. The oils and creams I use to keep my hair nourished remain on the strands, rather than slipping into the pillow. Miraculously, since I’ve been using this method, much less oil and cream are necessary for me to achieve that soft feeling in my hair!

By sleeping with my blowout in a cap, I now experience an extended-lasting style of three days more! My curls have never looked better as they arise each morning looking smooth and without frizz.

Additionally, the unsightly blemishes that used to cover my cheeks and hairline have substantially decreased because my pillow is not saturated with oils or leave-ins. Moreover, since my hair isn’t touching any skin during sleep either, it’s been far less irritating for me all around. This has truly transformed how I view caring for my crowning glory – thank you caps!

I may have been late to the hair-wrapping trend, but now I’m a passionate believer! I’m so excited about this look that I just might show off my new hairdo at an upcoming event and make sure to share it on Instagram.


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