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Perfect At-Home Manicure and Pedicure

Ready for a Luxurious At-Home Mani-Pedi?

Going to a salon for an indulgent manicure or pedicure is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself, but I don’t always have the time. Fortunately, with the right tips and tricks, it’s easy to give yourself an at-home, professional-looking treatment that will leave your hands and feet looking beautiful!

I have been doing okay but not great manicures and pedicures on my own for a long time. I must share this important insight with you: it is alright to make mistakes! Mistakes are inevitable when trying something new, especially if you’re going bold with the colors.

However, don’t let that discourage you from giving yourself a pampering session—your best effort will still be worth admiring!


One of the best ways to keep your feet in perfect condition is to massage them every night before going to bed. This simple ritual can make an incredible difference in just a few days, and with continued practice, you won’t need more than a polish change for your pedicure!

Think about it: most of what the technicians do during a pedicure works towards making up for our lack of foot care on a daily basis, so why not give yourself that special treatment? You’ll have beautiful, healthy feet if you take care of them like they deserve.

Not just anecdotally, but I can vouch that if I massage my feet at night, the next day always goes smoother. This is a trait I picked up from Bastien Gonzalez, and it’s definitely worth incorporating into your lifestyle—especially for those with kids!

You don’t necessarily need to pay someone else though; using one of these luxurious creams available on the market will do the trick too – Ameliorate Foot Cream, Honeybody Whipped Body Butter, or Intensive Nourishing Balm are all great options in my book (which happens to mean they’re housed in my drawer).


For an extra pampering touch, I recommend massaging your feet at night; doing so will also cover the manicure angle since you’ll be getting cream all over your hands. With the increased frequency of handwashing that has become routine today—I can attest to washing my hands more than 1,000 percent more!—making sure to moisturize is also essential too.

To make it easier for myself and everyone else in my home, I have two pump bottles of 100% Pure hand wash and hand cream placed side-by-side near our sink. This allows us to hydrate our skin every time we cleanse them as well!


Revamp your home manicure or pedicure routine with Natural Nail Polish Remover Rose. Whether you choose the large bottle or wipes, this product makes it incredibly easy to remove polish without additional effort.

Not only does it have fewer potentially toxic ingredients than other clean removers, but its scent is pleasant and has a moisturizing effect! With beautiful packaging to top off its great features, how could anyone resist?


Next, set yourself up in a calming space to do a soak. I love using Organic Lavender Sea Therapy Bath and filling it with approximately ¼ of the bag into hot water or salts mixed with essential oils are great too. Create an atmosphere that you can relax in by taking your seat out on the deck, backyard, or any room you adore.

Don’t forget to bring along something entertaining, such as World of Interiors magazine, your favorite podcast show, or my must-read Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima! Soak your hands and feet for at least 20 minutes while immersing yourself in this tranquil environment.


After your soak, clip and file your nails into the shape that you like. Take a peek at Instagram for some ideas, or follow the natural structure of your current nail form!


Pamper your feet with luxurious massage oil or cream like the Vanilla Bean Nourishing Body Cream that is enriched with vitamin C and cocoa butter. You will feel incredibly rejuvenated after this indulgent experience!


To safely push back your cuticles, an orange stick is the perfect tool to use. A towel or washcloth can provide adequate results as well. Clip away any pesky hangnails, but never attempt cutting your cuticles—it’s not worth the risk!


To ensure that your nail polish adheres correctly, use a bit of nail polish remover to wipe away any cream or residue from the surface of your nails. Doing so will help create an even better base for flawless application and long-lasting color.


Shine up your nails with a first base. Don’t worry about making mistakes—it goes on transparently, so just move quickly for a smooth application of the color. It will also help prevent yellowing due to staining from the dye—an absolute must-have!


To meticulously paint your nails, unscrew the brush to ensure it has a good amount of polish, and then wipe off any excess at the neck of the bottle. It’s best to start with your nondominant hand, as it’s easier and will give you more confidence when polishing. Begin by brushing on each nail starting from the base up towards their tips. Lastly, make sure you repeat this step for all 10 fingernails!

To ensure your manicure/pedicure is a success, always keep Q-tips and polish remover close by. This will help you fix any errors quickly as you go or when one hand or foot is finished.

If an entire nail needs to be redone, simply remove the existing polish before starting over again. And if some of the polish mistakenly gets on your skin? Don’t worry – just take a Q-tip with some remover on it and this issue can be fixed in no time!


Begin by painting, either with a hand or foot. The Strawberry Mochi Nail Polish is perfect for hands and creates a beautiful ballerina pink hue that’s simply stunning. If you’re painting your feet, be sure to use the Elderberry Nail Polish—it’s an ideal red color that makes any look complete! Now, don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfect—embrace your lack of skill and have fun with the process! Grab some Q-tips and let loose; just know anything can happen if you allow yourself to get creative without fear of failure!


After you’ve painted your nails twice (I’m actually guilty of doing it only once), seal the deal with a topcoat. If I take the easy way out and just use another coat of Resurface and Repair, what’s the worst that could happen?

Now kick back outside to relax as if you were at a nail salon—put on some music or grab a book/magazine. If being outdoors is not an option for you, fire up Hulu and watch Devs instead! As an extra bonus, there’s no need to worry about smudges or chips since your makeshift nail technician is now available 24/7.

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