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Picking the Ideal Hairbrush for Lustrous, Healthy Hair

How to Choose the Right Hairbrush for You

Picking the right brush is important to styling your hair according to the look you’re going for. With a good brush and some hair serum, you can achieve any style you desire.

The bristles on a brush, as well as the shape of the brush, will affect your hair in different ways. For example, broader shapes are better for smoothing and defrizzing, while nylon bristles with ball ends work best for untangling knots (and giving a good scalp massage).

Depending on what you want to achieve with your hair—like boosting its shine or giving it more body—there is a specific brush out there that can help you.

1. If You Want Straighter, Shinier Hair

Paddle Brush

  • The bristles on this type of brush are made of a combination of nylon and boar that are super dense.

Paddle brushes have bristles that are designed to emerge from a soft cushion, which helps them conform to your scalp as you brush through your hair. The combination of nylon and boar bristles also helps defrizz and smooth the cuticle of your hair; while boar bristles redistribute scalp oil, nylon pins help detangle knots.

2. In Order to Increase Volume and Bounce

Round Brush

  • This brush has twelve rows of curved boar bristles, making it perfect for a variety of hair types.

A round brush is ideal for those with a lack of volume, as it creates body and bounce, giving the optical illusion of more hair. Not to mention, the shape also builds lift at your scalp and gives your hair the perfect finish!

Personally, I prefer a boar-bristle brush because it gives you just enough tension while still flattening your cuticles for optimal shine.

3. Detangling and Stimulating the Scalp

Detangling Brush

  • The bristles on this brush are made of wooden pins.

A detangling brush is key for anyone who wants to avoid hair damage. It can help invigorate the scalp and detangle strands gently. The beechwood handle on this one allows for a better grip, while the spaced-out wooden pins and soft rubber cushion shield the head from scratches.

4. For a Smooth Finish and Gleam

Finishing Brush

  • This boar hairbrush has bristles made of nylon tufts.

This shiny, polishing brush is a must-have for anyone striving to achieve red-carpet worthy hair. Its unique blend of boar and nylon bristles helps with grip and shine while also evenly distributing oils throughout the hair.

If you’re looking to create an old Hollywood chic hairstyle, start by curling your locks, then use this finishing brush to sweep out the curls for a smooth look.

Extra Tip:


This provides a massage that feels refreshing and new. This process provides an invigorating feeling for your scalp while also relaxing your spirit–making it the perfect daily ritualistic event.

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