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Pro Tip: Deep Conditioning Treatment

Follow These Simple Steps to Help Nourish and Revitalize Your Hair

No matter your hair type—from straight to coily—the winter months can be especially tough and may leave you with dryness, split ends, a lack of shine, or other signs of damage.

To help get that bounce and vibrancy back in no time, we’ve crafted a comprehensive boot camp for all types of tresses! In it are tailored scalp treatments, intensive deep conditioners, as well as styling products that also double as powerful hydrators.

1. Begin Your Beauty Routine With an Exfoliation Ritual

Exfoliating your hair isn’t just about removing product buildup; it’s also a great way to allow nourishing ingredients like vitamin C and omega-rich sea buckthorn to penetrate the strands.

Plus, exfoliation helps regulate the natural oils in your scalp and prevents dryness, meaning fewer pesky flakes! So when you’re ready for healthier looking locks, remember that one or two weekly exfoliations should do the trick.


Pamper yourself with this luxurious whipped shampoo that will give you a delightful spa-like experience. Not only does it purify and soften your hair, but the chunks of salt work wonders as you massage them in to refresh your scalp!

In-Between Washes

This treatment is a weekly necessity that effectively cleanses and purifies the scalp while removing any buildup or excess oil. Your hair will feel noticeably hydrated after every use!


This palm-size brush has flexible and forgiving bristles that delicately glide on hair, preventing any snags or damage.

2.  Introducing Prewash Serum

Get your locks to their glossiest and most manageable state with this preshampoo glow oil. It’s suitable for any hair type or texture, thanks to the nourishing omega-rich sea buckthorn oil that leaves strands feeling silky soft while working through tangles and restoring hydration. Your hair has never looked healthier!

3. Reduce your washing frequency, but ensure that you condition your hair


Give your hair body, structure, and an unmistakably delightful aroma with this volumizing formula. Leave it fresh, textured to perfection, and deliciously fragranced with organically harvested oat milk.

Hair hydration + DETANGLE

The ultimate in nourishment for your locks, this perfect pairing of formulas not only leaves your hair glossy, soft, and easier to style but also provides a unique texture. Plus, you’ll love their amazing scent too.

4. Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Masks and Treatments

Leave In Cream

Transform your hair with this luscious, lightweight cream that works as both a nourishing mask and conditioner.


This mask is ideal for intensely nourishing and moisturizing dry, damaged, color-treated, or heat-styled hair.


Unlock the key to beautiful, hydrated hair with this leave-in prestyle treatment; it softens and smooths locks while eliminating frizz.


Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, this ultra-nourishing treatment will leave it smoother than silk; gently detangling and softening it for healthier-looking strands.

5. Oils can be used for a variety of purposes


Pamper your hair and ends with a luxurious mixture of tropical oils that will give you the ultimate glossy, soft locks.


Not only is this divinely-scented oil safe for color-treated hair, but it also nourishes and hydrates your locks!

Pro Tip: Silk Matters

By sleeping on this luxurious silk pillow, you can give your hair and skin the ultimate beauty treatment. Split ends will be a thing of the past as your locks become sleeker than ever, while smooth skin is just one more reward.

These luminous, 100% pure silk hair ties not only take care of your tresses but also magically remain secure throughout the day.

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