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Reach for This Miraculous Hair Oil

This Hair Oil is a Life-Saver

Visiting Houston for a wedding was an absolute joy; the cuisine is eclectic, diverse, and yet divine (we couldn’t resist treating ourselves to some lip-smacking Tex-Mex every day). And second-hand shopping? I got my hands on a couple of pieces that were ripped to perfection at amazing prices!

As I set out for my morning jog on the wedding day, it soon became evident that I had embarked on what would be remembered as ‘The Clammiest Run in History.’

By the time I finished panting and dripping with sweat, not only did my heart race, but so did a new problem: my hair now felt damp. Despite this obstacle, at least I’d kept myself fit before allowing myself to indulge in a queso-margarita-chalupa-induced stupor!

On days I want to look my best for an event, I never even dampen it. My curls are most luscious and gleaming two days after shampooing and conditioning, so on a peaceful Sunday, I wash them and let them air dry for about an hour before braiding them.

Once secured with tiny knots, all that’s left is to get some rest; when morning arrives, the braid will unfurl into beautiful, voluminous waves!

I’m in quite a pickle: my hair is a tangled mess, yet I can’t risk washing it the same day. So there I am, donning a shower cap and hopping into the bathtub with an idea to try something new—Argan Oil for styling! It’s likely as outrageous as washing my hair today itself, but hey, why not?

My hair is nothing short of parched, so I’ve been applying a few drops of the intensely moisturizing reviving oil every night. This luxurious argan oil has the scent of an exotic paradise and works wonders on my locks overnight, giving them back their shine! Perhaps it’ll even give some definition to my curls again.

As I work the miracle oil through my ends and even massage some into my scalp, I slip on a dress while smudging out my eyeliner. As it dries, it starts to reveal its beauty: fluffy, shiny, and buoyant! It feels so restored that instead of swirled up with bobby pins as usual – this time around I wear it down.

Its silky texture is simply mesmerizing; every inch of me can’t help but be captivated by how soft and healthy it looks!

My sister-in-law quickly stops by my room to grab any potions she can find that may grant her a last-minute touch of beauty before we all leave.

“Mmmm, that smells amazing!” she says as her forehead creases at the sight of her stick-straight and humidity-ravaged hair. “This weather is so unforgiving.”

To tame a few errant flyaways, she swiftly massages a few drops into the ends. Upon gazing in the mirror afterward with satisfaction, she soon comes back for more—this time to fix up her one and a half-year-old’s adorable cowlick!

The wedding is a fantastic celebration! Guests are overwhelmed by the delicious spread and unique Mexican-chocolate-cayenne wedding cake. As soon as the country band begins to play, everyone jumps out of their seats and heads towards the dance floor, where my husband and I blissfully twirl until we become lightheaded.

To our surprise, at the end of it all, despite being exhausted from hours of dancing, my hair still looked immaculate!

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