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Rejuvenate Your Hands

Pamper Your Hands for Optimal Health and Beauty

You can tell the signs of aging on your hands before they appear anywhere else – and with all that sanitizing and washing, it’s not surprising if they’re getting dry. That is why a great hand cream makes such a difference both in the moment by leaving the skin feeling super hydrated, velvety-soft to touch, plus incredibly supple but also over time (clinical studies have proven it reduces wrinkles and roughness).

To really see a difference, you can add hand care to your routine. Smoothing sunscreen on the backs of your hands each day (and after every hand wash) will help protect them from further damage and dryness. Make sure that any soaps or washes you use are moisturizing too! For extra credit, exfoliate regularly – it’s worth the effort for glowing results.

1º Keep your skin hydrated and looking its best with this moisturizer.

Pamper your hands with this ultra rich and non-greasy hand cream. Crafted from decadent cocoa, avocado, and shea butters plus anti-aging vitamins and super fruits to keep skin looking youthful. To complete the experience, it’s infused with an invigorating blend of ginger and citrus aromas for a sweet yet spicy scent that will linger on your skin.

2º Make Sunscreen Usage a Priority

When you step out into the world, your hands are exposed to the UV light of both inside and outside. We often don’t think twice before we embark on our way; with sunscreen or moisturizer not being high up in priority when it comes to taking care of our hands. Due to their lack of fat and sebaceous glands, wrinkles become more apparent as time passes by – leaving them looking gaunt far quicker than other parts of our body. It’s important for us all to make sure that we are equally vigilant about protecting our hands from the harmful rays of the sun.

The most reliable way for keeping your hands supple and youthful-looking is daily use of a mineral sunscreen. Unsun’s version designed specifically for hands, makes this easy since it’s luxurious and exactly what we’ve been searching for! We adore the brand Unsun making it even better to find such an effective product there. Katonya Breaux, mom of the famous singer Frank Ocean, created Unsun when she was unable to discover a mineral sunscreen formulated for black skin that blended in seamlessly. This SPF 15 is ideal for everyday use, however, if you’re looking for more coverage, Grown Alchemist’s light zinc oxide cream with SPF 30 will melt into your complexion while giving you superior protection. For glowing skin and maximum security from the sun rays The Organic Pharmacy has designed a hydrating citrusy formula with SPF 50!

3º Nourish Your Skin While You Wash

Feel refreshed, safe and invigorated with Côte d’Azur Revitalizing Hand Wash; a luxurious gel formula that cleanses your hands while promoting skin health. Infused with the signature Oribe scent of the French Riviera, this hand wash leaves you feeling deeply nourished and scented like paradise.

Pamper your hands with a nourishing hand wash that is free from harmful dyes and fragrances. This mild formula leaves skin feeling soft and velvety while naturally eliminating disease-causing germs with the power of tea tree oil. With every use, your hands will be left feeling luxurious, clean, and safe!

Rejuvenate and purify your skin with activated charcoal soap that binds to contaminants for a thorough cleansing. This exquisite bar includes nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, rice bran oil, and shea butter that guarantee supple hydration. Tea tree and peppermint oils add an invigorating aroma while offering antibacterial properties as well.

4º Don’t Forget to Exfoliate 

This vegan body exfoliator will leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and more toned. Its unique blend of crystalline sea salt with sunflower and apricot oils increase circulation while providing intense hydration that refreshes dull or dry skin. Use it regularly to buff away any bumps or flakes – revealing radiant, rejuvenated looking skin!

Pamper your skin with mio’s Solar Power sugar body scrub! This luxurious exfoliation will leave your skin looking smooth, soft and radiant. The golden caster sugar crystals gently but effectively remove dead cells from the surface of your skin while the Antioxidant Complex protects it to give you a fresher look that literally glows. 

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