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Gently Remove Impurities

Why let nature’s finest ingredients and gentle physical scrubbing reveal your best look yet!

Exfoliating is practically a miracle worker for skin; it truly works! If you’re looking to boost your glow, get rid of blemishes and sun damage, or simply keep up healthy-looking skin – exfoliation should be at the top of your list.

By removing dead cells, dirt, pollution particles, and makeup residue from pores it will give an instant pick-me-up that’ll leave you with brighter complexion. Plus it makes for an incredibly soft feel afterwards. Make this skincare step part of your routine to look and stay radiant!

Exfoliation is essential to maintaining healthy skin because it not only removes dead cells, but also enables serums, treatments and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin for optimal effectiveness. Your unique type of skin as well as its sensitivity determines how often you should exfoliate, however the combination of physical and chemical exfoliating benefits all types of skin!

Utilizing both chemical and physical exfoliants is a great way to keep your skin looking brighter, fresher, smoother and clearer with minimized pores. Chemical exfoliants are often formulated as serums that use acids or enzymes to help dissolve dead cells while physical exfoliants contain small particles or textured surfaces like washcloths which work by scrubbing away the dirt and debris from your skin’s surface. With regular usage of these two types of products combined you can experience amazing results!

The ideal combination of these two techniques helps to improve the skin’s turnover rate, providing a smooth and polished texture. When used correctly, they can work together in harmony to create stunning results.

Use As Recommended

It’s essential to remember that it is possible to over-exfoliate, no matter if you are using physical or chemical exfoliants. Over-exfoliating can strip away the protective barrier of your skin and leave it vulnerable to sun damage, dryness, and even infection.

For instance, steer clear from other forms of exfoliation for 24 hours before or after utilizing 100%Pure Overnight as this powerful solution will do all the work for you without additional input! On those days when a face scrub has been employed most effectively, try avoiding intense daily treatments too in order not to overwhelm your skin with products.

To discover your skin’s perfect exfoliation balance, take it easy to start with. Make sure you never use a product more frequently than the directions suggest (the peel pads should only be used once weekly; Microderm can be done up to three times each week depending on your complexion, meanwhile the jelly is alright for daily use if combined with other treatments).

As soon as your skin adjusts to being exfoliated, then maybe you could increase how often some products are applied – however if you ever feel that they’re causing irritation or any type of discomfort then decrease immediately.


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