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Say Goodbye to Five Summer Skin Concerns

A Guide to a Summer Healthy Skin

As we continue to bask in the summer sunshine, our skin may be subject to a host of issues. To help you tackle these common summer skin concerns, here are some simple tips and tricks that will leave your complexion feeling softer than ever! So grab yourself an icy cold drink and read on for advice on how to care for your beautiful skin this season.

Sun Exposure

We all understand the significance of proper sun protection (hint: use SPF every day!), but if you unfortunately get a burn, PCA SKIN CliniCalm 1 is here to help. This gel contains 1% hydrocortisone which helps reduce inflammation and the accompanying redness and irritation. If you need even more camouflage for your skin, Rosebud Woman Soothe Calming Cream or Pressed Base work wonders in concealing any lingering redness while simultaneously taking care not to irritate your skin further.


During the summertime, skin blemishes and back acne can be a tiresome struggle. With all of our outdoor activities, it’s easy to gather these undesired extras. We recommend wearing lightweight fabrics and changing out of your workout clothing promptly when you’ve been sweating heavily. To help balance oil production and reduce inflammation while also preventing future breakouts, try using 100%Pure Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer. Another great option is keeping Eve Lom Rescue Peel Pads at hand for quickly swiping over areas that need some extra TLC on both your face and body.


Hydration doesn’t just involve consuming lots of water (although that’s an incredible beginning!). When you stay in the sun for a long period, your skin needs to replenish lost moisture. That is where Hyaluronic Acid serum comes into play – it holds around 1000x its weight in water and gives you a beautiful and hydrated glow.

Razor Inflammation 

During the summer months, wearing shorts and sundresses can necessitate frequent shaving routines which may often be tedious and uncomfortable. To reduce razor burn for those prone to it, we suggest utilizing TULA Skincare So Pumpkin Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to deeply cleanse follicles before you begin. This will help eliminate dead skin cells while also minimizing irritation. Follow up with a 100%Pure Body Butter to soften textured areas as well as diminishing redness. For problem spots that require an added dose of care, try PCA SKIN CliniCalm 1; this product is designed specifically to restore balance in irritated or reddened patches of skin!

Parched, Peeling or Irritated Lips

If your lips are feeling dry or chapped, Lip Balm is the perfect product to get them back in shape. This intensely hydrating balm will keep moisture locked into your lips and help them heal faster than ever before. When you’re looking for an extra boost of conditioning as they start recovering, try using Lip Reviving Balm – it encourages connective tissue regeneration so that your pout can produce its own natural hydration for softer and fuller-looking lips!

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