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Caring for Sensitive Skin

For Every Skin Type, Even the Most Delicate Ones!

We all love the healthy, radiant skin that 100%Pure provides. One of our top-selling products is the 15% glycolic acid overnight peel--it’s so simple to use and will give you a long lasting glow! However, it can be too harsh for those with more sensitive skin, which is why we’ve created an alternative solution – one that provides amazing results without irritations or discomfort.

Have you found yourself having hypersensitive skin, adverse reactions to certain cleansers and perfumes, or even breakouts from using products with too many acids? If so, then exfoliating items may have never been an option for you. Now there is the Peel Pads Experience – a milder yet still fruitful version of the peel pad designed specifically for those with delicate dermis!

The key was to minimize the amount of glycolic acid to 5%, making it a safe solution for those with delicate skin, while still delivering optimal results. The combination of fruit extracts and hyaluronic acid remained unchanged – these elements are what makes this product special!

Additionally, the design of each pad has been adapted depending on your specific needs; one side is textured for exfoliating whereas another provides polishing effects. This way, you can tailor-make your own facial regimen according to your individual skin type and reap maximum benefits from using our pads!

Find the Perfect Regimen for Sensitive Skin with a Sparkling New Routine!

Let yourself be inspired to exfoliate your skin physically as well with 100%Pure face scrub! Whatever 15% or 5% peel you choose, remember that it is most important not to use any other exfoliants within 24 hours of using the peel. This precaution should especially be kept in mind if you have sensitive skin – even pro-exfoliators should adhere to this rule religiously. If implemented properly, don’t hesitate to expect some amazing results!

Sun protection is absolutely essential for those with sensitive skin, especially when you’re using exfoliating products. Typically associated with fair complexions that burn easily in the sun and are prone to flushing and acne breakouts, SPF can be your best friend if you possess this type of skin!

You will become enamored with the 100%Pure cream when it comes to moisturizer. “The silky texture creates a calming feel on dry skin, and you can truly tell that your skin is restored after each use.”


When it comes to delicate skin, everyone is different. While one person may have excellent results with a certain product combo, you may require more or less of something else. It’s best to incorporate any new items into your skincare routine gradually and do patch tests before full application. Additionally, avoid using two exfoliating products on the same day for best practice

The 5% glycolic acid peel pad is suitable for anyone, even those with sensitive skin. Experimenting with different exfoliating products can be fun and beneficial for your health; the 100%Pure mask will produce a gentle result regardless of your skin’s sensitivity level. On the other hand, if you feel like testing the waters before going all in on an intense 15%, then by all means start off slow! You have both options available to you – how great is that?


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