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Shape Your Brows The Right Way

Get ready to transform your brows 

Beautiful eyebrows can totally transform your look – from sleek and defined to fluffy and natural. Plus, you may even be able to reduce the amount of makeup that you wear after a great brow shaping session! Even with salons closed in many areas, our favorite eyebrow experts have provided us with detailed instructions on how to achieve perfectly groomed arches using simple tools. Doing it yourself has never been easier!

Gaze upon the majestic shape!

The key to achieving perfect brows is understanding the unique structure of your face and hair type. The ideal result should be one that accentuates the arch, creates symmetry, and follows your natural contours; it’s all too easy to over-tweak without a plan in place first! As beauty experts suggest: ‘in most cases, letting nature take its course looks best.’ Before you begin tweezing or waxing, map out where exactly each brow should start and end for an effortless look every time.

To determine the beginning of your brow, draw an imaginary line following from the corner of your nose up towards your forehead. To find its arch, take hold of a pencil at the outer edge of your nostril and point it diagonally so that it aligns with the side of your pupil; where this pencil meets is where you should locate the arch. Lastly, direct a diagonal angle using another pencil starting from one nostril to the other outer eye’s corner; this is exactly where you want to end off structuring those eyebrows!

To reveal your brows’ original structure, simply clean up any stray hairs that have grown in since you last had them professionally shaped.

When you have the best tools, you experience complete control

With the correct tweezers and scissors, you’ll experience unparalleled accuracy and control in your beauty routines. Their sharpness and ease of use make them simply indispensable tools.

A shower not only cleanses your skin, it softens and refresh

For optimal results when it comes to tweezing your eyebrows, take a hot shower beforehand. This will ensure that the skin is warm and pliable which makes the brow hair come out much easier.

Nourish your brows with oil for a healthy, glossy look!

Before you reach for the tweezers, consider massaging a drop of oil into your brows to make plucking less painful. Pick an oil that is easily absorbed and wait at least one minute for it to be fully incorporated in order to ensure that individual hairs don’t slip through the teeth of the tweezers. Additionally, renowned microblading specialist Beeler applies ointment prior to starting his technique as this helps protect skin from potential irritations or reactions.

Strike a Pose in Front of the Mirror

If you’re tweezing your brows, never use magnifying mirrors as they can give a false sense of fullness and lead to excess plucking. Find yourself somewhere with natural light and take regular breaks from the mirror– assessing how your eyebrows look before deciding whether or not more needs to be done. When in doubt, opt for removing fewer hairs instead!

Prior to Tweezing, Always Brush Your Brows!

Before commencing with any brow trimming, brush your brows upwards using either a clean mascara wand or an old toothbrush. This will help you identify and snip away any straggly hairs that may be above the natural line of your eyebrows. Instead of plucking out these long strands, use smaller eyebrow scissors for more precise control when cutting them down to size. With this technique, it’s possible to keep the fullness and color density in the shape of your brows while still achieving desired results!


When in doubt, don’t tweeze. A common mistake is to randomly pluck out any and all hairs that grow in your brows. You should know exactly which hairs need to be removed before beginning the process. Begin by focusing on the most prevalent offenders first: hold a piece of skin with one hand while using tweezers grasped close to the root with your other hand and pull sharply along the direction of growth. Proceed slowly and cautiously as you progress through each hair for optimum results!

Exercise patience for up to two months; your rewards will be well worth the wait

For better results, refrain from tweezing more than once every six to eight weeks – and never in between. Trimming hair at this rate will teach it to follow a certain pattern of growth. It is also an efficient way for areas that have gotten too thin or sparse to fill back up again naturally. Everyone’s average time span can differ though, so make sure you give your hairs at least 6 weeks before plucking any out!

Calm and Comfort for Soft, Silky Smoothness

After tweezing, pamper your skin with a gel-cream to soothe and nourish it. For those receiving professional treatments such as microblading or tinting of the brows, ensure you wear SPF and abstain from using retinoids, AHAs and BHAs on the treated area. This will help protect against further irritation that could affect how long your desired color lasts.

Bring definition and fullness to your look with color! 

Color is a powerful styling asset. However, it would be wise to avoid tweezing the sparse hairs of your brows in an attempt to achieve neatness – instead you can use a brow pencil for filling-in and make sure that those errant strands remain intact so they have the opportunity to grow into fuller arches during your next growth cycle!

Microblading or Micro Feathering

With micro-feathering, a semi-permanent tattoo technique developed by Streicher which employs iron oxide pigments to fill sparse brows and create the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows, you can obtain your dream arches for up to 12 months! Micro feathering is similar in concept to microblading but only adds pigment where necessary. The safest way to achieve beautiful brows without requiring continuous maintenance? Micro feathering.


This gentle hair removal procedure, similar to waxing, utilizes a paste of lemon, sugar and water (sometimes featuring essential oils, honey or salt) along with either paper or cloth strip. This technique is known for its long-term results – up to six weeks!


Refresh your brows with waxing! Warm, soft wax will be applied to the skin before being swiftly removed with a paper strip. Enjoy beautiful results that can last anywhere from four to six weeks – perfect for long-term grooming and upkeep.

Waxing is a helpful strategy that utilizes an individual thread, treated with antibacterial wax, to pluck hair from the follicle. This method generally lasts four to six weeks for noticeable results.

Transform the look of your brows with a customized dye treatment that adds temporary darkness and volume, lasting an astounding three to six weeks!


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