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Shield Your Skin Against the Unseen Damage of Blue Light

Learn How To Protect Your Skin

Blue light has recently been the center of attention, yet this problem is not a novel one. We’ve encountered blue light ever since we started being captivated by screens that emit luminosity. But what’s completely different now is how much time we’re dedicating to them – and consequently to be exposed to it.

Recent surveys suggest that the average American spends 19 hours a day on digital devices. From working on laptops to binge-watching Netflix, we are now more connected than ever before; however, this connectivity may come with some negative consequences for our overall well being – including skin concerns. Despite all of these activities providing us with essential aspects of community and companionship, it is important to remember not to lose sight of taking care of oneself in the process.

Before you give up your digital life altogether, understand that there are strategies to protect from blue light damage. Read on for the full scoop..

Are you familiar with Blue Light? Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

Blue light, a high-energy visible (HEV) light that is emitted from both the sun and digital screens, has longer wavelengths and higher energy output. Thus, it can potentially penetrate the skin to some degree. Although experts are still debating its damaging potentials, blue light could cause disruption of our bodies’ functions naturally leading to early aging signs.

Our skin cells are suffering from the effects of free radical damage and oxidative stress, which is compounded by our devices being held close to our faces. This allows the blue light to reach us more intensely than ever before.

Unlike UVA and UVB rays from the sun, blue light does not cause burning or cancer on skin. The effects of this type of light-form are nonetheless grave; accelerated photoaging such as wrinkles, irritation, redness, and hyperpigmentation have all been linked to prolonged exposure to blue light.

As we learn more and more about the dangers of blue light, it has become increasingly clear that free radical damage from this type of light can actually cause an increase in pigment production. This means unwelcome dark spots for many. In particular, those with melasma are especially vulnerable to these unwanted pigmentation effects caused by blue light exposure.

Beauty Sleep disrupted by Blue Light – a Modern Day Curse

Too much blue light can also interfere with our sleep patterns and circadian rhythm, making it harder for us to drift off into a deep slumber. This is because the blue rays affect melatonin levels, which has been proven through research. Not only that, but they are capable of tricking our skin cells into believing it’s daytime; thus disrupting their routine repair and renewal processes during night time hours. So if you’re guilty of scrolling on your phone while snuggling up in bed or binge-watching shows late at night – be mindful.

Shield Yourself From Blue Light

For optimal protection from digital damage, make sure you invest in a high-quality SPF – like 100% Pure Tomato Lycopene SPF 20 Moisturizer. This will not only shield your skin from the sun’s rays, but it also works together with antioxidants to provide double-duty defense for your skin. Apply this all year round and don’t forget to apply even when indoors.

Antioxidants are a skincare non-negotiable. Vitamin C is essential in any self care routine and SPF and vitamin C should be used together for optimal protection from UVB + UVA rays, free radical damage caused by the sun’s light, blue light emitted from your electronic devices,and pollution particles in the air. It’s all about defending against potential harm while preserving healthy skin over time.

To ensure you have a healthy, radiant complexion, it is essential to shield your skin with a daily dose of vitamin C-packed serum. Try 100% Pure Vitamin C Serum

To take your eye care to the next level, upgrade to an eye cream with blue light protection like Graydon Berry Rich. Our eyes can become strained when we look at screens for extended periods of time, which in turn leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin that causes wrinkles and fine lines. To ensure greater safety around our vision, eyeglasses now come with protective layers – so why not do the same for your eye cream too?

To finish off your radiance-enhancing routine, try Ilia Blue Light Protect + Set Mist. This unique product is infused with blue light protection to shield against digital device emissions along with botanical brighteners and calming conditioners for instant luminosity. With this mist you’ll not only feel refreshed but also get that glowing skin you’ve been longing for.

Fabulous news, you don’t need to miss out on your favorite Netflix show at night! You can also make sure that your tech game is strong by adding blue light screen protectors to all of your devices. Furthermore, if your smartphone doesn’t automatically adjust settings at night for easier use, make sure you do it manually as this will help keep the strain off both eyes and skin in the evening hours.


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