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Show Up To The Party Looking Glamorous

Step-by-Step Guide to Party Makeup: Achieving the Perfect Look for Any Occasion

No matter where you are celebrating, make sure to look your best with our easy-to-follow makeup tutorials. Transform any event into a stylish occasion and leave everyone in awe of your perfect glamorized look!

Subdued Glamour

Step out in style with this elegant double-winged eyeliner look that features a subtle shimmer and dewy bronze skin. Complete the desired aesthetic with glossy nude lips for an eye-catching outfit suitable for any occasion.

Transform Your Style!


  1. Create a stunning, shimmery wing effect with Cream Stay Shadow Stick’s Halo shade by applying it along the lash line and extending outwards in an upward direction towards the outer corners.
  2. Enhance the shape of your eyes with Shade Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Latte. Place it into a crease and blend using an EyeShadow Brush shader, then trace along lower lash line as well as under the outer wing created with Halo for a precisely defined look.
  3. For optimal definition, use Long Last Liquid EyeLiner to craft a subtle cat eye shape.
  4. For lush, long lashes that make a statement, coat your upper and lower eyelashes generously with Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara.


  1. Immerse your lips in Lipstick and feather with the ring finger to achieve a personalized, softer look.
  2. Achieve perfect symmetry and fullness to your lips with Nude Lip Pencil in Natural, for best results use a pressing motion to blend the shades together. This will help create an even tone across the entire lip area, whilst also melting both shades for a seamless finish.
  3. Get ready to be dazzled with a glossy top lip color that reflects and shines.

Glam On Fire

Embrace the beauty of rose gold cat-eyes with a subtle glowy complexion and fiery ombre lips for an eye-catching look.

Achieve Your Desired Style!


  1. Using the Dual Fiber Eye Brush, sweep Sketch Fruit Pigmented® Better Naked Palette into your crease and lower lashes for an added hint of definition. Then use the brush to delicately blend any harsh lines until you achieve a seamless look.
  2. To give your eyes an extra bit of definition and create a more dynamic look, use the shades in our Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette to emphasize your crease line. Then smoothly blend out with our Crease Shader Brush for that perfect finish!
  3. Give your eyes a vibrant makeover with Fruit Pigmented® Berry Naked Palette, adding brightness and color to the lids and crease. Use Dual Fiber Eye Brush then to blend everything together for a flawless finish.
  4. Illuminate your center lids and inner corners with a golden shimmer using Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow, then blend the color seamlessly by patting it with your finger.
  5. Utilize the Liquid Ink to create a sultry cat eye shape on your upper lash line, giving you a bold and captivating look.
  6. Transform your look with Big Lash Mascara and achieve voluminous, long-lasting lashes that are sure to draw admiring glances.


  1. For a seamless, natural look to your lips, start by applying lipstick to the center of them and then use your finger to pat down the outer edges. This will help blend in any harsh lines for an effortless finish!
  2. Accentuate and add dimension to your pout with Jane iredale Lip Pencil. For an elegant, ombre look, press lips together and blend the shades together using your finger.

The Radiant Glow.

By adding a gold-hued dewy effect, this look takes on an ethereal quality with added sparkle and shine.

Transform Your Style.


Pamper your skin with The Beautiful Tint to get all the coverage you need and then finish up with Fruit Pigmented® Full Coverage Water Foundation for a natural, flawless look.


If you want to perfect your brows, why not try the Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder? It helps to define and fill in sparse areas with a light application. This product is sure to give you results that will leave your friends asking where they can get one too!


  1. Give your eyes a luminous bronze hue by applying Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer to both the lids and along the lash line. Not only will you have an alluringly shimmered base color, but it won’t fade away anytime soon!
  2. Layer Fruit Pigmented® Rose Gold Palette onto lids for a dazzling, warming copper-hued radiance.
  3. Accentuate and define your eyes with the Power Palette Eyeshadow Palette by adding a subtle warm tint to both your crease and lower lash line.
  4. Achieve perfect definition and a captivating cat-eye look with Liquid Ink liner – the ideal way to complete your eye makeup!
  5. Enhance your lashes and create a more voluptuous look with just several swipes of Mascara.


  1. Enhance your complexion to perfection with All Over Glow – Lightly Sun Kissed. Add a subtle, sun-kissed glow to cheekbones and all other areas for an effortlessly radiant look!
  2. Enhance your beauty with a gentle stroke of Blush along the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Illuminate your complexion with Luminating Cream and enhance the highpoints of your face, such as eyelids. Achieve a stunning dewy glow!


  1. Enhancing your pout with Nude Lip Pencil in true beige, you’ll get an extra boost of definition and luscious volume.
  2. Get the perfect natural look for your lips by generously applying a coat of Fruit Pigmented® Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick on both upper and lower lips, then lightly blot to achieve the desired softness.
  3. To exude extra radiance and a glossy, wet-look color, finish your lipstick with  gloss for the ultimate shine.



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