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At Home Facial Massaging Techniques

Facial Massage You Can Do in the Comfort of Home

How many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t touch your face” today? But don’t worry, with spotless hands and a hydration-rich sheet mask applied on clean skin – it’s perfectly fine! Joanna Vargas’ lymphatic drainage massage technique outlined in her new book ‘Glow From Within’, can tackle puffiness, dark circles, and even reduce acne breakouts.

Not only is this process effortless to accomplish but also feels divine when done right. Plus, you do not need any special products as this method adapts itself easily to whatever ingredients are available at home.

Our skin (and our minds) have never looked better than after a depuffing massage and Vargas’s new chamomile-infused sheet mask. This indulgent combination provides the ultimate boost of hydration and antioxidants, leaving us with radiantly healthy looking skin!

If facial massage isn’t your thing, no worries! A few drops of botanical serum and ten minutes with this vibrating roller can do wonders for boosting skin radiance and firmness while still feeling heavenly.

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Vargas emphasizes the effectiveness of lymphatic massage as a great way to reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles under eyes and decrease breakouts. She proudly adds that it is ideal regardless of skin type- dry, oily or combination. Moreover, its convenience has made it extremely popular since you can easily do this in less than 10 minutes at any time during mornings or evenings according to your preference.

Refresh your skin and relax your body with this invigorating 10-minute lymphatic massage – complete with a luxurious sheet mask! 

  1. Begin with a Sheet Mask

If you have a sheet mask lying around, this is an awesome way to use it. However, note that regular masks won’t suffice — they are too slippery for the tension needed for this technique. If you don’t own a sheet mask though, no worries! You can still make it work without one.

  1. Put Gentle Pressure Below Your Ears

Vargas instructs us to place our index and middle fingers into the soft indentation behind our jawbone. Using gentle yet firm pressure, we should rub down before looping back in a J-shaped motion. We ought to push deep enough so that it is not merely grazing the surface of skin but also refrain from pressing too hard so as to avoid crushing any lymphatic tubes beneath. Repeat this pattern thrice for maximum effect.

  1. Move on to Your Chin

She then proceeds, “Moving to the center of your neck, on either side of your arteries, provides a massage in the same pattern. Additionally, about an inch above your clavicle at the base of your neck make sure to use all three fingers – pointer finger, middle finger and ring finger – together in a J motion for three repetitions. Afterward, shift them along your jawline beneath both sides of your lips and rub gently outwards towards the far end where most people store tension.”

  1. Move to Your Eyes

With your index and middle fingers, massage in a circular motion around the eye sockets from near to the sides of your nose until you reach just beneath the outer corners of your eyes. Finish at where your cheekbones meet with the outer edges – this should drastically reduce puffiness under the eyes if they are particularly swollen in the mornings.

  1. Massage the Sides of Your Face 

Vargas inquires, “Where does the fluid from your puffy eyes travel?” The answer is simple: down the sides of your face. To help this process along, Vargas suggests massaging the area stretching from just above both ears to where your jawline begins as well as traveling up and down each side of you neck in gentle motions.

  1. Position Your Fingers Above Your Eyebrows

To disperse the built-up fluids that may cause forehead breakouts, rub three times on your eyebrows and massage in a circular motion to the center of your brows. Remember to carry out this same practice at both temples as well for smooth completion. Moreover, make sure not to forget about your neck which is where extra liquid drains down into tissue; move from ears towards neck while massaging it thoroughly.

Pamper your skin with a luxurious face serum or oil and then spend ten minutes unwinding and rejuvenating with an indulgent vibrating facial roller. Take this time to yourself for some simple self-care – makeup artist Jillian Dempsey recommends being creative, so make it your own!

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