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Skincare After A Peel

Pamper Your Skin After a Peel with TLC

At 100% Pure therapeutics, they are committed to providing a comprehensive solution to many skin issues by combining daily regimens with specialized treatments. This might include professional peels that maximize the efficiency of your treatment plan – utilizing cutting-edge technology and highly effective active ingredients for maximum results. With this approach, you can achieve dramatic transformations in no time!

Before you receive a professional treatment from a licensed esthetician, it is essential to be well-informed on how to take the best possible care of your skin. If done correctly, not only will the benefits of your peel improve but also reduce any chances of complications or dissatisfaction significantly.


As you plan for your peel, be sure to have a discussion with your esthetician about the best at-home routine to begin two weeks prior. For more intense peels, you may need Retinol products like Renew Serum and Triple Action Serum in order to get the most out of it. Preparing your skin beforehand is essential for optimal results!

After a peel, your skin may become vulnerable for anywhere between two and fourteen days depending on the treatment. It’s important to use products during this time that can promote healing, speed up recovery, and help reduce irritation. A Peel with its two-step system is the perfect solution as it shields delicate skin from any further harm or damage during its fragile state.

Skin Protection

To avoid uncomfortable, itchy and red skin post peel, sunscreen is essential to protect the delicate state of your skin. An exceptional product for sensitive skins contains mineral-based components that will shield against unwanted sensitivity and hyperpigmentation. With this ideal solution, you can find natural confidence in your skin’s health after a chemical peel.

Those of us with allergical tendencies or who experienced a deep peel can benefit from Remedy Gel. This product helps to soothe, heal and reduce redness on the skin while also alleviating any irritation that might be present. In addition, this gel helps bring back your skin’s natural balance for an overall better complexion.

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