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Solutions for Your Wedding Day Imperfections

Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day

It’s no surprise that acne makes an unwelcome entrance when you least expect it – and adult acne is far too commonplace. Even wedding planning stress can give her a blemish on the big day! From hormonal changes to genetic predispositions, there are many possible causes of breakouts which may explain why they just seem to appear at exactly the wrong moment.

Don’t worry if you wake up on your wedding day with acne! There are plenty of solutions to hide and disguise any blemishes, so take a deep breath and check out these coverage tips for some guidance.


No beauty routine is complete without primer, and when you need to cover up those last minute blemishes? Make it a tinted one! Tinted primers are the perfect choice for brides who want to achieve an absolutely flawless complexion.

Not only will the primer help you achieve a longer-lasting and even appearance, but it can also provide extra coverage to areas that need more attention. Always remember to hydrate your skin before applying the primer; once it’s absorbed, you are ready for your mineral makeup application.


On the big day, pick a foundation that has adjustable coverage to ensure you’ll look flawless in photos. If any surprises emerge on your skin, simply layer up the foundation for more coverage and it should suffice for mild acne without requiring extra concealers or correctors. Test out different makeup mixtures until your complexion is picture-perfect!

Color Correct 

Maximize your complexion’s potential by keeping a color correcting concealer and an oil-free full coverage concealer on hand. Remember that red and green are complementary colors since they’re on opposite sides of the spectrum? Use a mint green corrector to counteract any redness before you apply your chosen shade of skin-colored concealer.

Spread the layer evenly, but lightly, over blemished areas only – if more coverage is necessary consider layering until desired results achieved!


If the blemish is raised and stands out even after hiding, a recently growing trend championed by Miley Cyrus can come in handy — transforming it into an attractive beauty mark.

For best results, apply your foundation, color corrector and concealer first. Then use a taupe or light brown brow pencil to deposit the right amount of pigment on the raised area – start by making a small dot resembling freckles and then tap it out with your finger until it looks naturally blended in.

A wax-based brow pencil is a must for making sure your makeup stays put throughout the big day – but don’t chance it by touching your face! To ensure that you look flawless, use these proven methods to guarantee no blemishes ruin your special moments.  Let’s make certain all eyes are on you as you enjoy this incredible occasion with friends and family.

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