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Best Sparkly Lip Glosses With High Shimmer and No Glitter

Whether it's for a natural everyday glow, or a space-age shimmer.

Sparkly Lip Gloss

Many of us have been there in our preteen days. That obsession with sparkly lip gloss, along with all things glittery and glamorous, like unicorns and mermaids. And with the sparkly trend making a comeback and still going strong, there are more new shimmery and holographic makeup products being launched to support our heart’s desires. Sparkly lip gloss may seem like an indispensable part of the whole look, but not all of them are made the same! Here’s why we’re saying goodbye to glitter lip glosses of the past, and embracing natural shimmery lip glosses for our best look in the long run.

Why not sparkly lip gloss?

So, uh, what exactly is the difference between sparkle, shimmer, and shine? When we think of sparkly lip gloss, we typically imagine small iridescent specks that make up the whole disco-like look. It’s usually made up of glitter, and you can get varying kinds of looks depending on how fine the glitter is. Shimmer consists of a more evenly distributed iridescence, while shine will just look like a layer of smooth gloss.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to channel your inner space warrior. But there are many reasons why glitter is a bad idea. First off, glitter is made up of tiny pieces of plastic, with the potential to cut your sensitive skin on your lips. As with anything you apply to your lips, you’re in danger of ingesting it. And think about all the times you might have washed your sparkly lip gloss down the drain while removing it. Those tiny little bits of plastic are likely to escape into the environment and ocean, and are not biodegradable.

Mica MineralWhat should I choose instead?

Luckily you can still achieve out-of-this-world results without relying on a sparkly lip gloss. Instead of glitter, why not use mica instead? Mica is a mineral that can be mined naturally or produced synthetically. Both versions of safe if you select a trustworthy, high quality brand. Reach out to the brand and see if their mica is ethically and sustainably sourced. This mica is finely ground to avoid irritation to skin, and for the most even, pearly shimmer!

Best natural shimmery lip glosses

Microdose Lip Gloss from Saint Jane
Saint Jane is a newcomer in the world of clean beauty, and they’re definitely up to trend with this CBD-infused lip gloss. It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and chamomile for the ultimate lip soothing and smooth application. Each individual shade comes with a different level of shimmer, shine, and gloss. In particular, the shades of Alchemy (a brandy rose with shimmer) and Nectar (peach with golden shimmer) are particularly shimmery and are perfect for that all-out sparkle.

Crystal Punk Holographic Mineral Lip GlossCrystal Punk Holographic Mineral Lip GlossCrystal Punk Holographic Mineral Lip Gloss from Pacifica
What’s better than just shimmer? Holographs! If you’re looking to get that perfect space-age look, a holographic lip gloss is your best bet. We’re crushing on this natural lip gloss for its base of moisturizing plant oils from jojoba seed and safflower that ensure flawless application, without greasing up your lips. Pick your fave from Spaced Out (a peachy pink shimmer), Cosmos (a cool icy blue), or Halo (a pastel orange). Or snag all three for the ultimate tri-colored look.

Nutri-Shine Luminizer Vegan Lip GlossNutri-Shine Luminizer Vegan Lip GlossNutri-Shine Luminizer Vegan Lip Gloss from Babo Botanicals
Gone are the days of that unpleasantly sticky lip gloss. Satisfy your gloss lip dreams without drying your pucker out. This vegan lip gloss is packed with botanicals to soothe and condition your lips, so you can comfortably wear your gloss all day long. It comes in 4 natural shades that are perfect for everyday wear or a bridal look. 

Gemmed Lip Gloss 100% PureGemmed Lip Gloss from 100% PURE
Perhaps you want something a little more special than just mica. If you’re a more gemstone kind of person, you’ll love this natural lip gloss that contains glimmer from semi-precious gemstones like Australian opal, moonstone, and sunstone. Plus, you can boast about how this lip gloss is completely pigmented with antioxidant-rich fruits like pomegranate, blackberry, and peach!

Good For You Gloss from Ecco BellaGood For You Gloss from Ecco BellaGood For You Gloss from Ecco Bella
Ecco Bella’s natural lip gloss has an impressively minimalist ingredients list. But that’s not what impresses us the most. We’re eyeing its built-in mirror! Perfect for on-the-go application and touchups. For the most amount of shimmer, you’ll want to pick out the shades Pleasure (a bright Barbie pink) and Peace (a champagne gold).

Full Filled Lip Gloss from P/Y/T BeautyFull Filled Lip Gloss from P/Y/T BeautyFull Filled Lip Gloss from P/Y/T Beauty
Hopping on that plump lip trend? We love how P/Y/T Beauty warns you to stay away from those peppery lip sticks! Seriously, turn away those lip injections and say hello to this luxurious alternative instead. Get that cute pucker and moisturize your dried champs with mango seed butter and avocado oil in this creamy formula. 

Still not so sure on how to best jump onto the gloss trend without looking like a clown? Stick to using a thin layer of gloss first, with a more translucent or clear shade. Complement more vibrantly colored shimmers with minimal contouring and eye makeup to really let your lip gloss shine without an overdone look. Remember, a little goes a long way!

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