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Start Your Day Right – Transformative Serums, Healthful Beverages, and Exercise Routines

The Best Morning Routine

My sleep schedule is ever-changing; it all depends on how late I stay up the night before. On any given day, no matter where I am in the world when my alarm rings and I’m awake, I’m bursting with enthusiasm for life!

Even during the weekdays, it’s actually hard for me to become tired at night because of my dynamism and overflowing energy. Unless it’s a weekend or holiday, then you can be sure to find me snoozing peacefully away!

Similar to me, my husband is an early riser and typically showers before I even have time to apply my eye cream. Even though we both work in separate offices throughout the day, he still manages to make sure that we get plenty of quality time together.

Right when I wake up, I head to the kitchen and fill my cup with a full glass of water—I’ve recently been adding Skin Supplement for an extra health boost. It’s so reassuring knowing that even this early in the day, I’m already doing something positive for myself.

Not only does hydrating immediately help me feel energized and ready to start my day, but it has also improved my skin from within thanks to these delicious nutrients! All you have to do is mix them into your drink and enjoy.

Whether I head to the gym or not, my routine never changes: if I decide to go, once I get home after completing my exercises; and if not – straight into it!

As I wait for the kettle to boil, I can’t help but indulge in a relaxing shower. To maximize my post-workout cleanse, coconut body wash is an absolute must! It helps keep my skin clear even when I’m wearing sports bras all day long.

Every other time, however, it’s Honey Almond Body Wash that gets me through—the aromatherapy elements are simply heavenly and make me feel recharged afterward.

I’m on a mission to discover the ultimate product for my curly hair, and I have many possibilities in my arsenal: the Vernon François haircare line, Living Proof, It’s a 10—you get the picture. This is an ongoing journey of exploration that has me feeling more confident each day with the progress so far!

For a healthy and radiant complexion, I swear by the Argan Oil Creamy Cleanser, it’s my go-to. To help with hyperpigmentation, I apply C-ESTA Face Serum. As for serums to keep my skin hydrated depending on the climate, well, that’s always changing!

When it comes to skincare, I’m a huge fan of this organic hyaluronic acid serum. Another great product worth trying out is Perricone eye creams which work wonders both day and night.

I take time to let my ideas steep while wearing a robe, and then I head back into the kitchen for something refreshing. Variety is the spice of life, so it’s become somewhat of a motto for me; thus, I have three different drinks that makeup part of my morning routine: dandelion-root powder as one option, matcha as another choice, and chai tea served with Bulletproof style added on top.

MCT oil is absolutely incredible; it keeps my brain sharp and energized all day! I’m the ultimate multitasker, so MCT oil is essential for me to get everything done. When preparing a cup of this amazing concoction, I start with two cups of hot water in my Vitamix blender, followed by whichever flavor powder I’m in the mood for that day plus some adaptogenic herbs (which depends on how I want it to taste). Finally, mix one tablespoon of MCT oil into the blend until you have a creamy and frothy beverage—perfection!

I’ll admit, I can’t resist having a drink while getting ready in the morning. But I’ve devised an ingenious plan to make this habit more affordable: reusable travel mugs! Now, when my daily routine calls for me to be out of the house quickly and without spending too much money on drinks that may or may not taste right, all I have to do is pour my homemade concoction into a cup before heading out—it’s as easy as that!

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