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Steps to Beautiful Skin from the Bath

Come Out of the Tub Brand New

Uncover the Ultimate Solution for Long-Lasting Skin Hydration in your Bath!

100% Pure suggests that to jumpstart your self-care routine, start by closing the bathroom door (lock it for any prying eyes), filling up the tub with warm water, dimming the lights and lighting a few candles. Massage two pumps of oil over your body while taking time to appreciate every part of yourself. Devote this moment completely to you and allow yourself some much needed solo reflection.

Take a deep breath of the remarkable herbal aroma, and let it soothe away all your anxieties from the day.

Let the organic aloe and coconut oils work their magic by soaking in your oil bath for at least fifteen minutes to allow yourself to fully relax. Not only will it help you unwind, but these special oils are also designed as a body cleanser that can dissolve dirt and grime while deeply moisturizing your skin. Don’t forget – it’s strange magic!

Fresh out of a steamy soak, my skin felt petal-soft and wonderfully hydrated. To my surprise, this sensation stayed with me for the next 24 hours – it was like I had been injected with clouds! My skin looked full and revitalized as if time stood still; This is what I call absolute replenishment.

As You Lavish In The Warmth

This luxurious gel mask offers you the chance to re energize and quench your skin’s thirst, all within 10 minutes! So take a break from worrying about life’s issues and treat yourself – it’s time for some self-care.

Transform your hair with the nourishing power of oil 

Our organic rosehip oil is rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids, to deeply nourish skin and hair. This cold-pressed oil offers maximum potency to effectively target fine lines, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone. Essential fatty acids in rosehip oil renew the hair follicle to encourage healthy, lustrous growth.

Establish a Daily/Weekly Shower Routine for Luxurious Skin and Hair!

Taking a shower is often more convenient than taking a bath, and most people bathe in this way. However, baths are an important part of self-care and should not be overlooked!

  1. Before you take a shower or bathe, perform dry brushing with an invigorating brush to experience the incredible feeling of its bristles sweeping up your arms and thighs. You will be left with rejuvenated skin that is impossibly smooth, as well as refreshed mental wellbeing.
  2. If you’re looking for an intense softening experience, try massaging 100%Pure beloved pre-bath oil onto your skin before taking a shower.  Guarantee it will leave you feeling even more luxurious than the traditional bath routine!
  3. For glowing, soft skin, I rely on a hot shower and exfoliation. The steaminess helps open my pores before I apply the face scrub with glycolic acid. After about three minutes of treatment, my skin looks its best when done two or three times weekly. As an added bonus: it’s incredibly relaxing!
  4. Pamper your tresses with this luxurious shampoo! It foams up fantastically, washes away product buildup and oil while still keeping your curls soft and healthy-looking. Follow it up with the hydrating conditioner containing nourishing properties that will make you hair glossy, manageable and bouncy. Not to mention its delightful scent – treat yourself to a wonderful fabulously fragrant experience every single time!
  5. Refresh and invigorate your body with a lathery cleanse!
  6. After each shower, but especially a hot one, your skin cries out for added moisture. Whether it’s cream or oil you’re using, apply it to damp skin right away after bathing so that the nourishment can be absorbed more easily (damp skin is much more absorbent than dry). In particular, body creams are incredibly hydrating and will leave your arms and legs with an attractive shine.

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