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Summer Beauty Routine

Tips for Summer Makeup

Summer isn’t only a season, but rather an entire lifestyle full of bright hues and lively adventures. We all love to be able to swap our winter garments for swimwear and bask in the sunshine! In line with revamping your wardrobe, take advantage of this time-frame as well to upgrade certain products. Although no need to completely transform your routine–just have a look at what you’re currently using and see if it would benefit from being upgraded; better equipping you against the heat, sweat and sun that come hand-in-hand with summertime fun.

Use a Lightweight Moisturizer

If you haven’t already, this should be an effortless and natural switch from a rich cream. Even those with parched skin can ditch their thick cream in the summer months for something lightweight.

If your skin is feeling parched and you need help, treat it with Alpha-H Golden Haze Face Oil along with SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture. This powerful combination of ingredients will quench your skin’s thirst without clogging up your pores. With this dynamic duo working together, you can achieve the perfect balance for beautiful hydrated skin that looks refreshed and radiant.

Alternatively, if your skin does not require intense hydration, PCA SKIN Clearskin would be a more suitable solution for you.

Go For a Sheer Tint

Are you hesitant to rock a full face of makeup during hot and humid days? If so, it’s time for you to make the switch. Trade in your foundation for one of our lightweight tinted SPFs. Not only will this provide sheer coverage but also sun protection from any future heat waves. We offer two different options that we think you’ll love, so don’t wait – give them a try today!

If you’re trying to decide between these two popular products, then we’ve got the answer for you:

Skin Exfoliant

Don’t get us wrong, we love chemical exfoliants – but it’s critical to ensure your skin is protected with a respectable SPF when using active formulas during the day. To avoid potential unwanted side effects, try limiting these products in your PM routine or switching over to physical exfoliant instead. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, 100% Pure Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub may be just what you need!

Water Resistant Mascara

If you plan to be outside in the water or at a BBQ, then water resistant mascara is an obvious choice! It guarantees that your lashes will remain intact and look amazing – no matter what the occasion. Plus, it prevents any embarrassing situations like “LC” (you know what we mean).

Next Level Aloe Vera Formula 

Do you love the refreshing and cooling feeling of aloe vera gel? Now imagine something even better that not just soothes, but also reduces puffiness and firms your skin. That’s exactly what the Dr. Zenovia Aloe Vera Blemish Soothing Moisturiser – two powerful cucumber extracts that provide all these amazing effects! Keep it in your fridge for an instant burst of hydration anytime you need it.

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