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Sun Protection: Your Kids Are Even More Vulnerable

You Understand the Importance of Sunscreen, but It’s Even More Critical for Your Kids

It’s no secret that children are much more prone to sun damage than adults, and they’re also significantly more susceptible to endocrine disruptors found in many chemical-based sunscreen ingredients.

Protecting children from the sun’s damaging rays is of utmost importance. To make sure kids stay safe, it is essential to not only apply sunscreen everyday but also to take precautions such as avoiding time outdoors during peak intensity hours, wearing protective clothing, and using umbrellas when traveling in a stroller. By tweaking these behaviors slightly, you can ensure that your child remains protected all summer long!

When shopping for sunscreen, it is imperative to find an SPF that is nontoxic and mineral-based with broad spectrum coverage. You should never use sprays as they can pose serious health risks when inhaled; even if the formula contains titanium dioxide, which may be safe on skin but has been linked to cancerous effects when breathed in.

Furthermore, chemical sunscreens are more hazardous than those applying minerals, so any product containing such components must be avoided altogether.

To make the EWG list of “Best Scoring Sunscreens for Kids,” a sunscreen has to earn a score of 1, meaning it is evaluated as having minimal hazards. The same standard applies across all personal-care products on their scale.

Of all the sunscreens out there, Babo makes formulas that have earned a 1 rating from the EWG and are perfect for kids (and adults; many with delicate skin find children’s lotions easier to use).

Applying sunscreen is much less of a struggle with these safe products since they easily blend into the skin. Even if your children are not thrilled about it initially, make sure you commit to this non-negotiable practice as it will soon become an enjoyable moment for mini massage and self-care! 100%Pure also offers mineral sunscreens that are safe for adults.

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