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Tips for Traveling with Your Beauty Routine

As summertime reaches its peak, packing for our upcoming trips seems to be the main topic of conversation at work. With so many fabulous items in our beauty toolkit, it is sometimes tough to figure out which products we should bring and which ones have to stay home. For us glamor enthusiasts, deciding what should go with us on holiday feels like choosing a favorite child!

Are you planning to travel without sacrificing your beauty routine? Let’s make it happen! Here are some tips on how to pack light and still look amazing.

Maximize your packing space and save time by only bringing essential items on your travels.

If you plan to use a facial mask only once per week, it is perfectly fine to keep it on your vanity. However, for the items that are part of your daily routine, consider carving out some space in your bag so that you don’t forget any steps while traveling and ensure that all your skin needs are met!

Cut down on bulk by packing your essentials in travel-sized containers.

No matter how you choose to travel—by car, with carry-on luggage or checked baggage—travel-sized products are always a wise choice. If available, seek out your favorite items in smaller bottles like our Skin Sets because if something unforeseen happens and causes a loss of your belongings, it will be comforting knowing that at least you didn’t forget the full-size versions.

Don’t forget that multitasking is your best friend!

Instead of packing 10 products with one single purpose, why not just pack 3 that can fulfill multiple purposes? For instance, All Over Glow – Lightly Sun Kissed can replace your need for bronzer, eye shadows and highlighter all in one! Another favorite is the Amma II Travel Kit which effectively cleanses and exfoliates for a radiant complexion. Imagine how much easier it would be to travel light with these multi-purpose items!

Adhere to the habits that work for you—don’t veer off track!

Now is not the ideal time to try out new products or appearances. This applies to skincare too – avoid experimenting with a different product on your journey (or just before), since you can never predict how your skin will respond.

Stay hydrated! 

Experiencing the dehydrating effects of air travel? Combat them by including a Hyaluronic Acid product into your beauty routine. Relaxing on the beach for the weekend? Feel refreshed with an always-at-hand mist bottle and stay hydrated from within by having a water bottle near you at all times.

Transform your appearance with a single product.

Upgrade your beauty look effortlessly by simply adding a splash of color to your lips. However, only add it in your bag if you’re sure that you’ll be wearing it; packing different shades for each outfit isn’t suggested (check Tip #1).

Wherever your journey may take you, ensure that you stay safe and secure.

Indulge in a day of outdoor fun and protect your skin with Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 to guard against harmful UV rays. And don’t forget the hat!

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