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Show Off Those Curls And Frizz

Get Ready to Revitalize Your Curly or Frizzy Hair with a Detox! 

Curly hair is often prone to damage, which usually manifests as frizz. Luckily, there are two remarkable clean styling products available: an anti-frizz and a curl cream that will help protect your locks from further harm during the coloring process. Whether you have straight or curly hair, you’re sure to love at least one – if not both!

It’s truly magical! If it’s humid outside, you can apply the serum to wet hair as a leave-in conditioner — your locks will air-dry without any frizz in sight. Surprisingly enough, its effect lasts for two whole days! Alternatively, if your tresses are dry already – there is no need to worry either. The serum eliminates flyaways and pesky strands instantly making them look perfect with just one application of “zhuzh” (Yes that is exactly how you spell it!).

Hair Trouble

Are you dealing with hat-hair disaster, cowlick or baby hairs? Looking for ways to add texture and volume to your perfect coif? Or suffering from frizz issues? This is the solution for all of these problems! Stop making mistakes while blow-drying and get instant fixes that will clarify your hair in no time. With this miracle product, there’s nothing you can’t do when it comes to styling your hair!

The curl cream offers the ultimate combination, defining, conditioning and softening all in one. With a light hold that is subtle yet powerful, it imparts an invigoratingly fresh scent with every use – apply on wet hair each time you wash or put into dry hair before bed for maximum effect! To get your best results ever try this tip: “After applying the curl cream, braid your locks and go to sleep; when you wake up expect fantastic texture!” Additionally we suggest using our 100%Pure peel pad once a week so both your skin and tresses will be looking luscious come morning.

For people who regularly utilize blow-dryers, 100%Pure products provide a gentle approach to smoothing curls and frizz for healthy, effortless shine and softness. Their formula is designed with the utmost care in order to prevent hair breakage.

There’s Hope

Not only is hair straightening one of the more destructive processes, but even using dye can be hazardous and toxic. Fortunately, there are treatments available for itchy scalps and dull colors as well as at-home coloring techniques. Additionally, many people want to find styling items that will create a stunning look while still providing needed nourishment and protection for their locks.

Many popular styling products contain two main components – alcohol and silicones. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the hair, while silicones coat it and make it difficult for proper air circulation to reach the scalp. This can trigger an overproduction of oils which causes oily hair, itchiness, baldness, among other issues. Especially if your hair is colored or bleached in any way; humidity becomes all the more necessary as well.The coloring process can leave the hair cuticles open, which allows humidity to enter and lead to frizziness. This happens because pigment is removed from the hair in order to be replaced with artificial pigments that result in your desired color. So if you don’t seal those opened cuticles properly after a dye job, you may end up with dreaded frizzy tresses!

Curly hair is naturally more porous, making it difficult to retain color during coloring processes. However, with the right set of clean tools and products, colored or damaged hair can be easily managed and transformed into beautiful locks that are nourished and hydrated!


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