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How a 3 Minute Foot Massage Can Improve Your Well-being

Let the Feet Work their Magic

I love getting massages, but they are expensive. Is there a way to enjoy that feeling every day without spending a lot of money?

A short foot massage can be a huge relief for many different issues. While professional massages are wonderful, even a quick rub from someone you love can make things feel better.

Reflexology is amazing and works well, but you don’t need to know the history behind it to give a foot massage. The average person can do this daily at home with some type of body cream nearby and make themselves and those around them happier in the process.

A homeopath once advised me to rub my feet every night before bed when I’m feeling anxious, and it helped—seriously, it helped. I always do it now, even if there’s no reason at all. Just a little foot massage can improve your outlook considerably.

After my pedicure—one that included a painless dentist’s drill but no polish—the technician handed me a tube of spruce-scented cream. He told me to massage it into my feet at night, and as I did so, to repeat these words: “I am worth this.” According to him, if I did this every night before bed, I would have better days ahead.

The pedicure was right—a foot massage does make a difference for me, even if it is psychosomatic. I keep thick, nice-smelling creams by my bedside, in the living room near the TV, and in my kids’ rooms as well.

The foot creams I listed below are my favorites because they’re amazingly scented and textured, plus they do an incredible job at moisturizing. One of them is specifically for feet, though, so if you plan on getting out of bed within the next hour or two, that’s the one to go with since it won’t make your feet as slippery.

Intensive Foot Therapy

This intensely creamy balm is perfect for banishing rough, dry feet.

Coconut Whipped Body Butter

With its supremely hydrating body cream, you’ll feel like you’re truly experiencing something new and wonderful.

French Lavender Hand Buttercream

This luxury hand-and-foot duo leaves your skin feeling refreshed, clean, and ultrasoft.

Baby Foot Moisturizing Foot Mask

A nourishing and exfoliating foot treatment in easy-to-use booties will make your feet softer and smoother.

Enriched Body Cream

This advanced, clinically tested supercream leaves your skin feeling luxuriously moisturized, silky-smooth, and toned.

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