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The 8 Best Clean Lip Balms

Must-try Lip Balms

As we transition into winter and start using heavier products, it’s important to also trade our normal lip balm for a super nourishing one. This is because our lips don’t have oil glands and the skin around them is thinner than most places on our bodies.

Because we ingest some of any lip product, it is crucial that the formula be clean. (Lip balms often contain ingredients like parabens and petroleum that can be harmful to our health.)

Unlike other lip balms that are loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients, these contain only nourishing, clean ingredients that leave your lips feeling supple, plumped, and hydrated. Plus, they feel incredible going on and work wonders on chapped or even cracked lips.

Pick your favorite (or favorites) and stash them everywhere—in your handbag, jacket pockets, night table drawer , office desk drawer ,and bathroom cabinet.

The Best Balms

100% Pure Organic Mint Lip Balm. This lip balm is formulated to soothe and refresh with peppermint and eucalyptus oils. Sunflower and coconut oils moisturize and soften, while vitamin E helps repair skin.

100% Pure’s Cherry Lip Balm. This cherry lip balm is made with luxurious, moisturizing organic sunflower and coconut oils, reparative vitamin E, and calming calendula. It’s the perfect way to soften and repair your lips!

Almond Lip Balm. This Almond lip balm smells like you’re sitting in a coffee shop in Italy, with the aroma of freshly baked almond biscotti wafting out to the cobblestone street. Their nutritious, fresh-pressed oil from California groves is a key ingredient in their smooth, creamy balms. 

Balmy Nights Lip Care. No more dull moments! This reparative nighttime exfoliant, made with volcanic stone and jojoba seed powder, gently buffs away dead cells—which are the main cause of rough and chapped skin—revealing new and healthy lips. Follow up by applying Balmy Days Lip Conditioner for nourishing hydration.

Tinted Lip Balms

100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint. This blush and lip tint is designed for double duty. It’s made with vibrant fruit pigments, plus shea and cocoa butters for intense skin and lip-softening.

Luxury Lip Tint.These ecoluxe lip tints give your lips a beautiful flush of color while keeping them moisturized. With four complimentary shades, you can go for a sheer look or build it up for something more vibrant. Nourishing ingredients like organic coconut oil and organic avocado oil make sure your lips are hydrated and smooth.

Lip Butter Stick – Wild Rose. This lip butter is intensely hydrating, and will quickly nourish your dry lips for a pout that is soft and smooth. Use this product on your lips alone or over lipstick as part of your daily lip care routine. Apply it as often as you need throughout the day, whenever your lips feel dry or in need of some soothing nourishment.

Last but Not Least: Lip Masks

Overnight Lip Mask. Hydrate and nourish your lips with PCA Skin’s Overnight Lip Mask. This deeply hydrating lip mask helps skin retain essential moisture, promoting softer and smoother lips.

Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment. This Lip Wrap Treatment Mask is a unique formula that exfoliates and hydrates your lips, helping to restore dry, flaky skin. Use it day or night for smooth, soft, revitalized lips.

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