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The Advantages of Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell

Benefit from Potent Stem Cells

Many Toning Mists are enriched with Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell, which replenishes much needed moisture and helps protect the epidermis. It is crucial in creating lipids to keep cells within the uppermost layers of skin together while preventing dehydration. Not only does it provide enhanced protection against damage, but also reduces water loss so that your skin remains healthy and hydrated all day long.

Moisture is essential for healthy skin and it’s something we should never overlook. Lipids keep skin cells bound together while helping to retain moisture, making them fundamental to protecting your complexion. Papyrus Leaf works by restoring the hydrolipidic balance of your dermis while fortifying its natural barrier. The result? Skin that feels refreshed, nourished, soft and supple with every application.

Clinical Study

A clinical study revealed that users experienced a noteworthy increase in water retention and decrease in water transfer. 15 minutes after application, this number was already 28%. This figure dropped to 29% at 30 minutes, and 33% at an hour – demonstrating the skin’s higher ability to keep hydration with just one use! The reduction in water loss is also evident: from 27% after 30 minutes down to 24%, showing remarkable improvement for long-term results.

Toning Mist

By utilizing a toner prior to applying serum and moisturizer, you allow your skin to absorb the full potential of its benefits. Papyrus Leaf Stem Cell is an excellent ingredient for this purpose, plus Cucumber helps soothe inflammation and puffiness while Coconut Water hydrates from within. Not only does Cucumber penetrate deeply into the layers of skin, it also results in a plumping effect that leaves one with a lusciously hydrated-looking complexion!

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