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The Best Clean Liquid Eyeliner

The Non-Toxic Formula

Are there any safe, clean liquid eyeliner options that I can rely on? Finally, a great option is available! The intense color and precision of liquid eyeliners (brush-on, pens, etc.) cannot be matched by other products such as shadows or pencils.

Until recently, few non-toxic liquid eyeliners have been accessible on the market; now you can enjoy a more natural approach to cosmetics without compromising quality.

The wait for the Long Last Liquid Eye Liner from 100%Pure is finally over, and it’s amazing! With this product, I can achieve any eye look that I desire—so much so that it has transformed my life.

Applying liquid eyeliner can be a tricky skill to learn, regardless of the type—brush or pen. The 100%Pure has an application stick quite similar to a brush that deposits the product with ease and assurance.

Even as someone skilled in applying eyeliner pens, it took me only two attempts before I started flawlessly perfecting my look!

The beautiful, deep black hue gives you the freedom to adjust your makeup as needed for a few moments before it sets; additionally, its smudge-proof nature ensures that your look remains flawless.

I like to apply this along the base of my lashes and on the outer half of my upper ones before applying mascara. This provides incredible definition without overdoing it with mascara!

When it comes to bold colors, you only need a bit of product for an astounding effect that appears far more natural than when using subtle and light-colored items.

Why Are You Seeking an All-Natural Eyeliner?

Toxic coal combustion byproducts like plastics and phthalates tend to be the primary components of mascaras and liquid liners, which you apply directly to your eyes! It’s time we opted for a safer choice.

If there is a list of beauty products that require meticulous cleaning and thorough care, then eye makeup would be placed at the top. When I had the pleasure of meeting with Environmental Working Group representatives, I was alarmed by this shocking fact: some types of “permanent” eyeliner pigments may cause irreversible damage to people’s faces!

The consequences of neglecting to regulate the beauty industry are dire and can include serious illnesses, autoimmune issues, birth defects, and more. Furthermore, those who choose not to pay attention may find themselves with no protection from treatments that only serve to harm them instead of beautifying them.

If you’d like to learn more about clean beauty products, be sure to read our blog posts for all the best information!


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