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The Best Makeup Colors for Spring

Prepare Your Makeup Bag for the Season

Should we be mindful of the latest makeup trends this spring? Absolutely! Although fashion and beauty trends don’t always go hand-in-hand, there are still certain looks that can take your look up a notch or two.

Do you need to buy eyebrow products designed with patent leather to fit current standards? Of course not—if you love red lipstick and find yourself adorning frosty pink instead due to its newfound popularity, no worries. At the end of the day, it’s best just to embrace what works for you; after all, “trends” come and go, but personal style is forever!

An infusion of vibrant spring tones is just what you need to feel like your best self. A beautiful palette will make you want to be daring and try something new, so why not start now?

The Rose Gold Palette from 100%Pure is the perfect combination of spring vibes and timeless wearability. It will not only enhance any individual’s appearance, but it will bring a sense of joy and enthusiasm to their day.

The highlighter, blush, and three eye shadows are all crafted with skin-friendly ingredients to nourish your complexion. Plus, you can mix the products for extra glow or wear them alone for a vivid look! For example, why not try blending some of our blush with the highlighter? You’ll be dazzled by its shimmery effects!

My favorite thing about the flatters-all-persons colors is they’re in a compact palette, making them truly portable. It’s small enough that you won’t feel guilty for never finishing all of the eyeshadows like you would with those giant palettes; this one will make it easy to fall in love with several of its shades!

Plus, since it has just the right amount of each color, you’ll use up every shade before needing a new one.

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