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The Perfect Lip Shade for Every Occasion and Skin Tone

No Matter Your Skin Tone or the Aesthetic You’re Going For, We Have a Lip Shade for You!

If you’ve ever felt like the lip colors that your friends look amazing in are absolutely terrible on your own lips, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The reason this happens is because of your undertone. We’re about to let you in on a little secret that your friends probably know: It all comes down to whether you have a cool or warm undertone.

If you want to always purchase the perfect shade of lipstick, it is important to first understand your skin tone and undertone. We will show you how to determine these details, as well as how to pick the best lipstick shade for all your favorite looks.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone

When thinking of your skin tone, envision it as the color you would paint your skin if you were to create a self-portrait. According to researchers, 110 different hues can be identified.

You have a slightly different skin tone than most people. This is because your skin’s undertone is either cool, neutral, or warm.

The undertone of your skin helps make up your actual skin color, but it is not the primary color. Just like there are different variations that make up your hair color, there are also different variations that make up your skin tone.

Use your veins as a color guide to help find your skin tone. Check the wrists for reference and see what colors dominate.

  • Individuals with cool undertones have veins that appear blue, look best in silver jewelry, and may burn easily after extended sun exposure.
  • If you can’t seem to tell if you have visible veins by examining the inside of your wrist, it’s likely that you have neutral undertones. When someone has a skin tone that looks monotone (variation in color is hardly noticeable), this person usually has a neutral undertone that is close to the actual shade of their skin.
  • Individuals with warm undertones look great in gold jewelry, tan easily, and have peachy, golden, or even greenish hues in their skin.

Your undertone is what matters most when finding the perfect lip color. Undertones are split into two colors: warm and cool.

Not every fair-skinned person has a cool undertone, and not every dark-skinned individual has a warm undertone—it’s entirely possible to have olive skin with cool undertones or fair skin with golden, warm undertones.

Once you know your undertone, wearing any shade of lipstick becomes easier because you can filter your options by whether they contain blue (for cool undertones) or orange/brick tones (for those with gold, warm undertones).

Let’s explore some recent trends in lip color, and how to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Natural Lipstick

Choose the Perfect Shade

Lips are one of the most important facial features, so it’s no surprise that people are always looking for new ways to make their lips stand out. Here are three popular lip color trends happening now, and how to wear them based on your skin tone and undertone:

Bold Look

For the past few seasons, wearing a bold lip color has been popular, and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

Actually, the only change is that you no longer save it for special occasions. Instead, a bold lip looks best when the rest of your makeup is more subtle.

Of course, we can all agree that a classic red shade is stunning, but lip colors don’t have to be limited to just reds.

Plums, burgundies, and bright pinks are also great options for creating bold, beautiful lips.

When you need a bold lip, liquid lipstick is often the go-to product. However, most of these formulas contain unsafe ingredients that can dry out your lips.

Choose a hydrating, semi-matte lip color made from safe, living ingredients instead, like cocoa seed butter!

  • If you have cool undertones: search for lipsticks with blue pigments in the base. For example, this anti-aging lipstick is a ravishing hue of red with blackberry shadows that looks awesome on people with cooler skin tones.
  • If you have neutral undertones: you can practically wear any shade! Join the burgundy lip movement with a metallic shade. It is richly pigmented with a tawny undertone.
  • Bring out the best in warm undertones with this bright red. This bold orange-red is easy to apply and creates a stunning look.

One way to really make your lips pop is by ensuring the skin around them is well-moisturized and primed.

The Perfect Lip Gloss

There are two types of glossy lips: comfortably shiny with a hint of color, or wet and sticky with too much product. For the perfect glossy lip, it’s obvious, but avoid matte lipsticks if you want a glossy look. Even though it’s possible to cover matte liquid lipstick with gloss, you’ll probably have to keep reapplying the shine throughout the day.

Keep your lips healthy, hydrated, and shining with this lip gloss. Formulated with hydrating oils and cocoa butters, this lip product is perfect for achieving luscious lips.

  • A glossy lip look with a little shimmer is always flattering. We love how a cool pink color with just enough sparkle favors those with cool undertones and works well for any skin tone.
  • If you have neutral undertones, a nude pink shade will complement your skin tone and give your lips a natural flush of color.
  • To acclaim warm undertones: a gorgeous, subtle red looks great on people with warm skin tones and has the perfect amount of daring color.

After you apply a bold eyeshadow and cheek color, top off your look with glossy lips. If you’re going for a natural look, forego the lipstick and let your nude lips shine through.

Glamorous Lips

The “soft glam” look is a more subdued take on old Hollywood, with less contouring and bold lips, and a focus on products that enhance your natural beauty.

Freshly luminous skin looks best with a nude, neutral, or rose lip. To achieve this look, it is key to use less-intense colors.

  • A rosy-pink hue with mauve undertones is perfect for those of you with cool undertones!
  • If you have neutral undertones: a stunning, consistent shade of pinkish salmon will look gorgeous on your skin.
  • A classic throwback color as a perfect coral and pink blend from the 50’s. With its light peachy undertone, it suits warm skin tones.

The ‘soft glam’ look is perfect for any occasion – whether you’re going from the office to a night out, or vice versa.

Choose High-Quality Lip Products

Discovering the perfect lip colors for you can be a challenging task if you are unaware of your skin’s tone and undertone. Believe it or not, each person has their own unique shade of pink. This is due to undertones!

By using your undertones as a guide, it’ll be easy to create makeup looks that always appear fashion-forward and on trend.

Choose lip colors made from living ingredients that are close to their natural state. These types of ingredients preserve the vitamins, minerals, and compounds in them that make them more beneficial for your lips.

This year, take a chance. Go for a daring lip color, or use lip gloss instead. Maybe try out a more casual glam look that you can wear every day.

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