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The Perfect Product for Sensitive Skin

Take Care of Your Sensitive Skin

If you are like me and have sensitive skin, then you know the struggle of finding a product that won’t cause irritation. Dermatologists typically recommend generic items for this concern; however, often these products consist of parabens or artificial fragrances, which can make my skin more reactive than before! I’ve tried almost every single option out there with no luck—is there anything that could work?

While you may think my skin looks pristine and perfect, in reality, it has been a lifelong battle with redness, itching, breaking out, cracking, and even bleeding. I’ve tried every product under the sun, both clean and conventional, but I have finally found relief with 100% Pure’s ultimate sensitive skin line! With this line of products, my skin is looking better than ever before.

To begin my skincare routine, I would turn to Rose Water Hydrating Milk, one of the most restorative and hydrating substances available. This lightweight facial moisturizer is designed to provide essential nourishment for your skin.

Massage this luxurious rose water into your skin for a silky, smooth finish. Your complexion will be left hydrated and glowing! Note that I would not suggest packing it in a tropical travel bag, as the heat may cause it to melt.

As soon as you open the beautiful packaging, a faint aroma of flowers fills the air and transports your senses to an oasis. When applied, it provides a heavenly sensation rather than stinging, as some products do when they caress your skin with soothing properties.

And don’t worry about running out quickly because a little bit goes such a long way! After trying this product, I’m sure you’ll be desperate to try more from their line, which I wholeheartedly recommend. In short, get ready for life-changing results.

Rose Water Hydrating Milk

This rich, miracle-working rose water will leave your delicate skin feeling luxuriously smooth and soft. Its intense moisturizing properties provide a soothing anti-inflammatory effect while gently melting into the skin to calm, nourish, and soften with its unique combination of blue tansy, botanicals, and oils.

Lightweight yet immensely hydrating facial cream made with rose hydrosol and hyaluronic acid for restoring moisture that offers deep calming effects on the skin as well as a softer, more supple texture.


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