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The Secret to Bright and Awake Eyes

Tips for Maintaining a Awake Appearance with Makeup

Despite the fact that I’m an advocate of natural beauty, my eyes just don’t stand out in the way that I want them to. What are some ways for me to achieve a bright and defined look without overdoing it on makeup? Are there any advantages of lash extensions when it comes to achieving bigger-looking eyes?

Believe it or not, the secret to a natural look is a liquid eyeliner in the darkest black. You might assume that paler shades and neutrals are your best bet for an unassuming display, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Feeling like you don’t need all of that makeup?

Think again—if the definition is what you’re going for, then coats upon coats of mascara just won’t cut it. Instead, opt for a light yet effective strokes of liquid eyeliner to complete your no-makeup look.

Let’s get back to eyeliner. Liquid liner is the most intense and dark in color, so you only need a light trace (almost unnoticeable) to emphasize your eyes. Initially, I found liquid eyeliner intimidating, but with an eyeliner pen, it becomes effortless! This one is particularly easy-to-use, and the black ink that it produces looks stunningly deep and rich.

Simple and Natural-Looking Eyeliner Application For Wide-Awake Eyes

Irrespective of the type of eyeliner you use—pencil, powder, brush-on liquid, or pen—these principles are applicable; however, I believe that a pen is an optimal solution.


To begin, start at the highest corner of your eyelashes and fill in a few dots. Instead of attempting to draw one line, think about joining all the spaces between your lashes with short strokes.


To achieve a full, voluminous lash look, draw an unbroken line of mascara from the root to the tip of each individual lash.


Quickly and effortlessly remove all unwanted smudges with a Q-tip. If necessary, you can lightly dampen the tip for more efficient results; usually, one or two swipes down the lash line are enough to make it go away!


If you’re up for the extra step, curling your lashes can make a huge difference! I personally always think it’s not worth the effort, but then when I do take that time to curl my lashes, they look so much better.


Ta-da! It’s time to apply the mascara – one coat is typically enough.

Should You Choose False Lashes or Extensions?

So many people love lash extensions, but they can be risky since you might end up losing some of your natural lash hairs in the process.

Since my original eyelashes are not too impressive, to begin with, I decided against them and found a much better alternative: false lashes! They look incredibly realistic and give me that instant “wow” effect — plus no risk of damaging my precious real ones!

Applying these Cruelty-Free Lashes is so effortless! Take one out with the tweezers, apply a thin layer of glue to the strip (it’s already slightly adhesive, so you can practice it several times sans glue and still get great results), move it close to your eye, and you’re done!

Enhancing your look with false lashes can be a breeze for the experienced user, or simply require some practice for beginners. To achieve long-lasting yet beautiful and natural-looking results without liner or mascara, these eyelashes are perfect! Not to mention that one pair can last up to five applications – making this product incredibly cost-effective.

If you’re looking to make your eyes the focal point, there is no better way than with a bit of concealer. (If this isn’t something that you need help with, feel free to cease reading here.) To achieve flawless coverage and smoothness, start by applying an eye cream — not only will it blend in effortlessly, but it will also provide long-term effects for those pesky crow’s feet!

In fact, research has shown that one particular brand can produce visible results over time. With these simple steps and products at the ready, your eyes are sure to shine brighter than ever before.

To make sure you are perfectly concealing blemishes, take a brush and apply concealer to the dark or red areas. Then use your middle finger to pat the makeup lightly but firmly underneath your eyes.

Remember not to rub it into your skin since that will only cause more stains instead of hiding them! Pat for several seconds until everything is naturally blended; with this method, you’ll notice how brightened up your eyes look after they’ve been concealed seamlessly.

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