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The Ultimate Antioxidant for a Youthful Skin

Looking for the Most Effective Antioxidant?

Do you recognize the incredible benefits of antioxidants for your skin but struggle to comprehend which creams or serums contain them? Knowing about antioxidant-based skincare products is essential. Let’s explore what information you should know!

Antioxidants span a wide range, from red wine to green tea and rosehips to arctic succulents. These compounds that can be consumed or used in skincare are essential for both our general health and skin health as they help guard against free radicals, much like how slicing an apple will cause it to oxidize, turn brown quickly, and eventually succumb to old age.

The analogy of sliced apples has often resonated with people, but until now nobody had the solution to why an apple does not turn brown. Now we know: it is due to the protective layer provided by its peel! Apple peels are so effective that they don’t just prevent discoloring; they keep apples looking and tasting fresh for longer than practically any other fruit.

Vitamin C

As an ardent admirer of Vitamin C, I’m confident that it is the best antioxidant for the skin due to its variety and potency. Sure, green tea or pomegranate can be great too, but none compare to Vitamin C when it comes to improving your health. To ensure maximum efficiency with my daily use of Vitamin C, I choose products from 100%Pure as their unmatched formula keeps the oxidation rate low even after multiple uses!

For an even more potent application, the powder formula is a perfect choice! You can mix it with any type of liquid-based product, such as water, serum, moisturizer, or SPF, for maximum effect.

I was immediately drawn to the power of this new antioxidant powder, made from whole apple peels. This exceptional and sensible source is full of phenolic compounds, potent antioxidants, polyphenols, and more—all working together to help protect us (and apples) from free radical damage. The research on their antioxidant capability is quite remarkable!

Every morning, I love the feeling of my skin after using C. To get an extra boost for my complexion and enhance its hydration level, I started adding apple peel to it at night, sometimes with a serum and other times just combined with water.

My face has become noticeably firmer, brighter, smoother, and healthier since then! Any nutritionist will tell you that eating several different antioxidant foods is beneficial. So why not apply the same idea to your skin by introducing various antioxidants into your skincare routine?

When it comes to skincare, there appear to be a plethora of products that guarantee incredible results. But this particular product has even more promise than most, featuring antioxidants at an active level with the convenience of a powder!

The vast assortment of ingredients provides remarkable benefits for your skin and appears just as powerful when compared to apple peels specifically. After incorporating this into my routine, my complexion is now remarkably radiant and smooth; ultimately making it difficult to compare apples and oranges in terms of superiority between the two!


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