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The Ultimate Bath Detox

Transform Your Bath with These Tips

The maxim of “putting your oxygen mask on first” is repeated so frequently because it holds true: we must take time to nourish ourselves before lending a hand to others. If we want to be able to complete our work projects, whip up dinner for everyone in the family, or even finish ticking items off our shopping list, taking some moments (or 30 minutes) out for yourself should not be neglected. Self-care is non-negotiable!

Take a break from the hectic hustle of life and take time to relax in your bathtub with our miracle products that are plant-based, non-toxic, and ultra-energizing. This rejuvenation session will last about 40 minutes, but please allow for an extra 20 minutes just so you can enjoy every blissful moment!

So turn off all distractions around you, hop into the tub, and let us help press the reset button on your energy levels—detoxifying, replenishing, and leaving you feeling positively glowing afterwards.

1. Daily Dry Brushing

Experience the luxurious sensation of brushing your skin as you draw your bath. Not only is it incredibly invigorating, but there are also numerous benefits associated with this action.

Even if it did nothing else besides feel divine, that alone makes this step more than worth your time and effort!

Body Detox Skin Brush

Indulge in a luxurious experience with this ingenious natural-bristle brush. Reach those hard-to-reach places on your back and enjoy the perfect blend of softness and firmness while exfoliating, detoxifying, and conditioning skin. For an everyday relaxing treat or for deep cleansing – this tool is ideal!

2. Transform Your Bath Into a Luxurious Therapeutic Experience

When you pour the luxe oil drops from this chic envelope into your tub and follow its instructions closely, you’re guaranteed to come out feeling refreshed and deeply hydrated. Reset with a revitalizing experience; take on life anew!

Fur Bath Drops

Experience a cleanse like never before with Fur’s bath beads. When dissolved in warm water, these special ingredients release their signature Fur Oil and a blend of nourishing oils that will soothe, calm, and moisturize your skin until it is as soft and silky as possible.

Not only are they super-moisturizing, but they also help clear the mind! This incredible treatment deeply hydrates and detoxifies dry or damaged skin for optimal results.

3. Rejuvenate Your Skin as You Soak in Blissful Relaxation

Pamper your face with the same luxurious detoxification, hydration, and rejuvenation that you’d give your body. Simply mix this invigorating facial mask with a few drops of oil from one of your favorite skincare products—a 20 minute stint that is just enough time for maximum results with the Fur Bath Drops!

Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask

Unlock the secret to a youthful, radiant complexion inspired by Cleopatra’s beauty secrets from ancient Egypt! This ultra-hydrating and anti-aging mask uses ginseng to boost collagen production and leave your skin feeling smoother and firmer.

To use it, simply mix together the delicate powder with some water or face oil of your choice for an indulgent silky mousse—then let it do its magic for 20 minutes before you rinse off! Your skin will thank you as it reveals its newfound softness, suppleness, and beautiful glow.

Organic Rosehip Face Oil

This miracle oil, teeming with vitamins and powerful omega fatty acids, is quickly absorbed into the skin and hair to instantly begin its work. Cold-pressed for maximum potency, this organic rosehip oil can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring elasticity to your complexion.

Furthermore, its essential fatty acids invigorate each follicle on your scalp, promoting healthy growth that will leave you feeling lustrous!

4. Complete Your Beauty Routine With an Extra Boost of Nourishment and Hydration

After all this treatment, you should rest and allow your body to perspire for an additional 20 minutes. If possible, apply cleansing oils or body butter to the skin before or after sweating, depending on how awake you may feel (those baths can cause temporary unconsciousness!).

Honey Almond Whipped Body Butter

Pamper yourself with this luxuriously thick and creamy honey almond body butter that deeply moisturizes your skin to leave it feeling softer than ever. Our blend of shea, cocoa, and avocado butters melts onto the skin for long lasting hydration.

To get the most out of our invigorating product, use it alone or follow up dry brushing by applying in a circular motion from feet upwards towards the heart! Not only will you feel smooth as silk after each application, but you’ll also experience maximum nourishment thanks to added aloe vera and rose hydrosol extracts.


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