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The Ultimate Makeup Kit

Crafting the Perfect Makeup Collection To Your Makeup Bag

Keeping an old black nylon Prada backpack from the ’90s is a sustainable choice—it’ll last forever, never showing signs of aging even when exposed to dirt and grime. Plus, if you happen to get your beloved bag dirty on occasion, no worries—just throw it in the wash!

It’s incredibly durable too; I’ve seen people use them for years without any issues or tears in sight. So next time you’re looking for something that can stand up against anything life throws at you (and look good doing so! ), reach out for some sturdy black nylon instead of wasting money buying new items again and again.

My love affair with a classic black nylon makeup bag lasted practically an eternity. That is, until someone robbed me of it.

No amount of beauty products could replace the black nylon makeup bag that I had owned for over a decade. It was not only its material that made it so special, but also its size—having enough pockets to store items without being overwhelming or needing constant adjustments. For those last-minute moments when you need something stylish too, my trusty makeup bag even served as an excellent clutch in a pinch!

The following day, its opulent and sophisticated younger sibling made an appearance. The sleek black nylon was a sight to behold, with rose-gold zippers decorating the stylishly crafted pockets. Its soft but sturdy build makes it ideal for use as a clutch purse—the perfect size!

Unless it’s stolen, this bag will always be mine. I feel incredibly pampered and secure every time I open or carry my beautiful bag—everything is where it should be! This timeless piece can one day become an heirloom that passes through generations of my family, a far cry from plastic straws or coffee cup lids (which are basically the worst). Yes, plastic does have its evil side due to how permanent it is in nature, but if you must use them, never ever discard them.

Uncovering What’s Inside My Makeup Bag: The Replacements!

My new bag contains nothing more and nothing less than exactly what I need:


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