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Three Steps to Solve Your Acne

Say Goodbye To Your Pimple Worries

A surprise pimple emergency in the morning can be massively disheartening and might even leave you feeling down for the rest of the day. It’s not an apocalyptic situation, but it does significantly add to your stress levels when coinciding with a significant event like a job interview or dinner date.

As luck would have it, we understand how to manage sudden (or anticipated) breakouts. To make your life simpler, we’ve assembled a useful three-step checklist that can easily banish any pimple emergency.

How to Treat It 

When you need something that starts working right away, Province Apothecary

Clear Skin Advanced Spot Concentrate is the perfect solution for tackling breakouts quickly. This tiny serum packs a powerful punch with Benzoyl Peroxide to eliminate any bacteria that may be causing skin issues. If your skin tends to dry, Laurel Skin Recovery Balm can help repair and heal after the blemish has run its course. 

Covering Acne 

Now that you’ve treated your skin issues, the choice is yours to make: leave it as-is or cover with skin-healthy makeup. We suggest our trusted mineral concealer 100% Pure Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits for maximum coverage and breathability — no need to worry about clogged pores making matters worse! And don’t forget the SPF before heading outside – protect yourself from future breakouts by taking preventative measures.

Acne Prevention 

Now that you’ve managed your breakout today, how do you ensure it won’t happen again? The answer is simple – consistent use of preventative products. For optimal results, utilize Odacite

Gr + G | Oily/Acne Prone Serum 2-7 nights per week to obtain a clearer and smoother complexion in the long run. This method may not offer immediate effects but will give you clear skin eventually!

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