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Tips and Tricks to Minimize Puffy Eyes

Dealing with puffy eyes? Jean, your trusted beauty expert, has the perfect solution!

Dear Jean, I am frequently waking up with swollen eyes and dark circles. What precisely causes this issue and how can I avoid it from happening? If puffy eyes do appear in the morning, what are some helpful remedies that you would recommend?

Who can say why the universe created our eyes to be so integral in terms of beauty and yet such vulnerable, delicate areas? The skin surrounding them is the thinnest on our body with no oil glands there to hydrate, replenish or firm it. Nevertheless, this is how we were made and that’s just a part of life!

Consuming alcoholic beverages is one of the primary reasons that people wake up with puffiness and bags under their eyes. Salt may cause some individuals to retain water, however sugar-filled alcohol causes inflammation more reliably and can be devastating on a person’s appearance.

The quantity of alcohol that causes morning discomfort and hangover symptoms is unique to each individual; it’s best to drink less, but an excellent way to protect yourself from a nasty headache the next day is by taking aspirin along with water before you sleep. By doing so, not only are toxins flushed away through water consumption, inflammation can also be subdued thanks to the aspirin.

If you’re slightly (or highly) allergic to red wine, chances are it causes the most irritation around your eyes. Allergies and sensitivities to toxins such as pollution can also cause bags and puffiness around the eye area. Unfortunately, rubbing or scratching your eyes will only make matters worse!

One of the most obvious causes of puffiness and eye bags, though not necessarily pleasant to think about late at night, is a lack of sleep. Age, however, is an immutable factor that can make these issues even more apparent – as we grow older our skin loses collagen and elastin which leads to thinning and any minor imperfection starts becoming far more evident. Even something like having had one too many glasses of champagne during your last night out will be much easier to spot!

No matter what the source, alleviating puffiness and eye bags requires the same treatments—which is to say that while these options can improve symptoms, they won’t provide permanent solutions.

  1. Cold. For reducing inflammation, cold temperatures are key. Cold eye masks, chilled tea bags, icy eye gel and cooled cucumber slices – all these options can help to ease the discomfort. It’s your first line of defense!
  2. Moisture. By adding moisture to your skin, moisturizers can fill in the wrinkles around your eyes and reduce puffy eye bags. Every makeup artist knows that applying an eye cream before starting foundation or concealer is essential for everyone – no matter how flawless their eyes already appear!
  3. Antihistamines. Should an allergy be present, stopping some of the reaction and reducing inflammation can drastically improve the situation.
  4. Concealer. To reduce the appearance of bags or puffiness, simply use a brush to apply concealer only to the darkest and most prominent spots. One dermatologist put it like this: “If you have a pile of dirt, adding more dirt next to it will make the original pile seem smaller.” Not exactly an attractive metaphor but undeniably accurate!
  5. Massage. An experienced aesthetician can transform your complexion, making you appear as if you’ve just slept a full eight hours of undisturbed rest. Even a gentle massage around the eyes, temples and sinuses will have remarkable results.
  6. Mascara and Eyeliner. When all else fails, a distraction can be your saving grace. A swipe of bold lipstick is the perfect way to turn heads and keep going!

***Excessive drinkers often have a prematurely aged appearance, sometimes even looking ten years older than they are. However, when they cease drinking alcohol the opposite can occur – it’s as if time is reversed to an extent more striking than any plastic surgery could ever be!

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