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Tips For A Better Foundation Finish

Uncover the Benefits of Makeup Foundation Primer and Learn How to Use It Effectively!

If you’re unfamiliar with the beauty industry, it can be easy to get confused about what each product does and its name. Even for those in-the-know, makeup terminology is often used interchangeably or given funny nicknames. Take foundation primers—these three words refer simply to a primer that you apply before your foundation! Primers are amazing products that create an optimal base layer to set up the rest of your makeup look while keeping everything together all day long.

Let’s explore the wonders of foundation and face primers, and how you can incorporate them into your beauty routine.

Are you confused by the difference between foundation and primer? 

Achieving flawless, smooth skin isn’t impossible; foundation and primer are here to help! Applied prior to any other makeup products, they work together in unison to create an even base for you cosmetics. As a result of this perfecting duo on your face, the application process is much simpler – no more uneven streaks or colors! It’s difficult to deny that these two items make up the ultimate power couple when it comes to getting ready with ease.

Achieving flawless, smooth skin isn’t impossible; foundation and primer are here to help! Applied prior to any other makeup products, they work together in unison to create an even base for you cosmetics. As a result of this perfecting duo on your face, the application process is much simpler – no more uneven streaks or colors! It’s difficult to deny that these two items make up the ultimate power couple when it comes to getting ready with ease.


Foundation is a must-have product for anyone with an uneven skin tone, as it provides effective coverage for hyper-pigmented areas, redness and any other imperfections. Not only does it even out your complexion – but with its range of colors available, you can find the perfect shade to match your natural skin color. A related product is concealer; usually heavier in weight and substance than foundation, offering more concentrated coverage on blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. With these two products combined together you will have achieved flawless looking skin!


After you have let your skincare products absorb, it is time to apply Primer. This silky serum-like product will coat the skin and create a flawless surface for makeup application; while minimizing pores, wrinkles or lines that may be present. Additionally, primers are clear in color and won’t affect your natural pigment. Instead of masking discrepancy areas on the face like foundation does, primer allows those spots to still show through but with an even finish over them all!

Not only can a primer make your makeup application a breeze, but many are formulated with ingredients that may help improve the appearance of various skin concerns including dryness, oiliness, blemishes and premature aging.

What Benefits Does Foundation Primer Bring?

Have you ever marveled at how your foundation looks flawless when first applied, only to expose every crease and pore thirty minutes later? Then you need a primer! Primers are designed to create an invisible shield on the skin that prevents makeup from being fully absorbed. This remarkable product can blur pores and fill in deep wrinkles so they don’t show through your makeup – giving you long-lasting coverage all day.

The “Luminous Primer” is truly remarkable, as it helps to blur pores and give your skin a smooth, glowing look.

With so many face primers available, which one should you choose?

Primers have revolutionized the skincare industry. When they first made an appearance, their main purpose was to help create a perfect base for makeup application and smooth your skin’s texture. But now you can find primers that do much more – from helping address specific skin concerns to prepping your face for foundation! Here are some of the amazing choices out there:

Color Correcting 

With color-correcting primers, you can reduce any redness or dull skin tone for a vibrant and balanced complexion. Unlike foundation, these products are not exclusively designed to match your natural skin hue – they typically come in shades of green or yellow to effectively target specific discoloration issues.


Transform your skin to its youthful-looking, smooth state with the power of anti-aging primers. Brimming with ingredients that diminish wrinkles and blur fine lines, these hybrid products combine a serum and primer in one–effectively helping you reverse time by providing an even canvas for flawless makeup application.


Everyone’s skin, regardless of type or age, benefits from moisture. Even if your complexion is oily, it could be due to dehydration! A primer specifically designed for hydration can provide a long-lasting protective layer that helps retain the moisture in your skin – better than moisturizer alone – and makes sure cosmetics won’t absorb quickly into the epidermis.


Make the most of an illuminating primer for a radiant and natural-looking complexion. These types of primers give off a luminous finish by reflecting light particles, so it’s best to skip adding foundation if you want your healthy glow to shine through. Ensure that all the hard work your primer did isn’t wasted by covering it up with makeup – its unique effect will be lost!


Oily skin? Don’t fret! A mattifying primer can help reduce the appearance of oily T-zones. However, be cautious—some primers contain ingredients that may temporarily aid in oil control, but end up creating a dehydrated complexion and an increase in sebum production. Carefully select your primer based on what your skin requires. If you only want something  to prep before applying foundation, try investing in an all-natural and plant-based primer – it’ll hydrate and nourish the skin while also being suitable for any kind of complexion.

What Qualities Should I Search For When Shopping for a Foundation Primer?

When searching for a primer, prioritizing living ingredients is essential. Primers are applied directly to your skin and should not have any harsh chemicals or irritants that could be detrimental to its health. Hence, ensure you look through the product’s label before purchasing one for yourself! With this in mind, you can apply makeup with confidence knowing it won’t cause any harm.

The key to picking the best primer is to select one with skincare benefits, such as anti-aging or improved hydration. For these products to be effective, it’s vital that they contain living raw ingredients. When exposed to high temperatures during production, many of the beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can become damaged over time which renders them useless in your product application.

100% Pure Intensive Nourishing Facial Oil packs a powerful combination of supercharged oils that not only deeply hydrate, but also protect and rejuvenate your skin’s texture. After application, you’ll be left with an effortlessly smooth complexion — perfect for makeup! For optimal results, just add a few drops to slightly damp skin and let the oil do its work!

With our nourishing oil, your skin will feel as light as a feather! Not only does it quickly absorb into the dermis to create an incredibly smooth texture, but makeup application over top of it is also effortless. Enjoy a lightweight experience with our luxurious oil today!

See Real Results. Within our oil, you’ll find only the most effective and natural plant-based extracts for a powerful outcome!

When searching for a primer, why not opt for something natural and plant-based to help prepare your skin for foundation? It’s the ideal choice. Here are some ingredients that can do just that!

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the perfect solution for primers due to its chemical composition being closest in similarity to your skin’s natural sebum. When you use jojoba oil, it absorbs quickly and easily into your skin just like sebum does, creating a protective barrier which stops makeup from settling inside of pores or wrinkles. Furthermore, this plant-based oil has a slippery texture that is similar to synthetic silicones; however unlike those ingredients, jojoba oil is much better for our skin!

When it comes to achieving skin moisture balance, jojoba oil is king. Don’t be tempted by mattifying makeup primers which are often loaded with chemicals that can dry out your skin – instead use jojoba oil if you have naturally oily skin as this will help regulate the production of oils from within. In fact, oftentimes large-looking pores may actually be caused by dehydration; hydrating them regularly using ingredients like jojoba oil could thus make a real difference!

Rosehip Oil

Nourish your skin with the anti-aging properties of Rosehip oil! It is a powerhouse for moisture and hydration, containing natural retinol to reduce wrinkles as well as an abundance vitamin C that shield against environmental damage. This miraculous elixir also contains fatty acids which naturally boosts collagen and elastin production – leading to firmer skin. These beneficial ingredients make this oil perfect in any foundation primer, helping protect our delicate dermis from the elements while offering unparalleled nourishment!

At 100%Pure, our rosehip oil is cold-pressed in Chile and never exposed to any heat. This ensures that all of its incredible skin nourishing vitamins and nutrients are fully preserved for you!

Be on the alert for these ingredients while picking foundation primer – they are harmful to your skin!

You may think that our focus on the absolute purity of our ingredients is bordering on obsession, and we would have to concur. Many components used in cosmetic products throughout the US are certainly not something you’d want near your skin. Primers especially can be a host to several harsh chemical elements which could lead to irritation, breakouts, or even disrupt your endocrine system if left unchecked for too long – considering it will remain sitting atop your epidermis for hours at a time! We make sure that this never happens by thoroughly inspecting each component before use.

It’s important to know which ingredients are commonly found in facial primers that you should avoid. Here they are!


Under no circumstance should you ever apply alcohol to your skin, even if it seems oily – and denatured alcohol is especially off limits. Although using this ingredient can result in a temporary matte finish on the surface of the skin, it actually has the opposite effect long-term. By drying out your facial tissue, excess oil secretion from sebaceous glands will be triggered; thus making your complexion far more greasy than before treatment!

Not only is it extremely detrimental to your skin, using primers with alcohol can be a futile endeavor. Sure, the alcohol may help create a matte look and improve staying power of makeup; however, natural oil will quickly penetrate this mattifying primer and inevitably remove all traces of cosmetics. Instead, switch to jojoba oils or other plant-based products for optimal results!


Primers contain silicone, which produces a slippery texture and provides excellent “sticking” power to skin. But the same characteristic that makes it cling to your face also makes it incredibly difficult to fully remove – causing build-up on the surface of the skin, potentially resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. Not only is silicone synthetic and chemically laced but its environmental impact is destructive as well; it’s neither biodegradable or recyclable.

Another disadvantage of silicone-based products? They are incredibly drying to the skin. Much like alcohol, these creams and lotions will strip away moisture from your face, resulting in redness or breakouts; fine lines and wrinkles appear more noticeably as well. In addition, excess oiliness can develop due to dehydration caused by silicon formulas.


Primers frequently contain lanolin as a softening ingredient, which fills in wrinkles and evens out rough patches. Derived from the wool and skin of sheep, this component is unfortunately not cruelty-free; it also requires numerous chemicals to be cleaned after extraction – rendering its use completely unnecessary for skincare products. Plant-based emollients are not only much safer for your skin, but they also provide superior conditioning to keep it soft and supple.

Stearic Acid

Primers typically include stearic acid as an emollient. While a few of these acids are plant-based, the majority come from animal fat. Unless you’re familiar with a certain brand and/or can validate that its products don’t go through animal testing, it’s difficult to discern what type of stearic acid is present in your cosmetics.


Nanoparticles are minuscule particles that can be found in many beauty products, yet have been established to possess dangerous consequences on our wellbeing. Liver and brain damage, as well as nerve harm have been associated with nanoparticle ingestion. In order to achieve a glossy or glowing finish for cosmetics, manufacturers will often add tiny metal fragments – which may not always be evident when looking at an illuminating primer product label!

If you want to be sure a product contains no nanos, it’s important that you not only know what the item is but also understand the brand. Luckily for us, here at 100%Pure, we are committed to keeping nanos out of our products.

Manufactured Aromas

In the United States, companies are not required to disclose their fragrance ingredients on labels. Therefore, it’s important that you only purchase fragrances from trusted brands who guarantee cruelty-free and vegan formulas with no hazardous chemicals included. This will ensure you get the highest quality product without animal byproducts or toxic components.

Want to know the perfect way to apply primer for a flawless finish? 

After your final skincare product, be it moisturizer or eye cream, you’ll want to apply primer. A few drops between your fingertips and massaging in a circular motion should do the trick! Primer is quite concentrated as well so don’t worry about using too much – just enough will work wonders on your skin.

When your primer has dried, you’re all set to start your beauty regimen. Don’t think that using more layers of primer will give a better effect—if you don’t feel like the current one is performing its purpose, it’s time to switch primers!

Before applying your foundation and concealer, ensure you only layer on a thin amount of primer to prevent clogging your pores. To top off the look, consider using “Un” Powder – an all-natural Japanese silica that will add a featherlight finish while still diffusing and softening any makeup application. As you look for a powder, be mindful not to select synthetic, crystalline-structured silica as it may cause an extreme reaction. Additionally, talc should also be avoided due to its dehydrating effects and the magnification of pores.

What Strategies Can I Implement To Ensure My Foundation Primer Is Applied Perfectly?

One of the gravest errors when using a primer is mixing natural and synthetic ingredients. For example, if your skincare regimen consists of chemical-based components and you opt for an all-natural primer, then there is potential for skin aggravation due to adverse reactions between them.

To ensure a flawless finish, avoid these common errors when applying your primer.

Allow Your Primer to Fully Set Before Moving On

Make sure your primer is completely dry before applying foundation and concealer to get the best results. Not letting it dry will not only cause problems with makeup application, but also lead to excess primer being wasted away as it merges with other products on your skin. So don’t let this happen—allow time for everything to absorb correctly!

Consider Your Skin Type Carefully

If you’re experiencing skin sensitivities or difficulties such as psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea, 100%Pure oil is the perfect solution for all skin types. Our special blend of natural botanicals helps soothe irritations and calms inflammation. And if you have acne-prone skin – don’t fret! Our beauty oil actually works to balance your skin’s moisture level which can result in less blemishes over time.

Oily skin types may be enticed to try mattifying primers in order to reduce shine, yet this is not recommended. Most of these products contain ingredients that can irritate your skin and worsen the oil issue. A better option is going for plant-based oils in your primer which can help balance out the excess sebum production and manage oily areas without drying it out too much.

Ensure That Your Foundation Formula Harmonizes With the Rest of Your Business Plan.

Whether you’re selecting a primer or foundation, it’s critical to ensure they are compatible with each other. 100%Pure Oil is the perfect companion as it works seamlessly when paired with oil-based and water-based foundations for an illuminated radiance on your skin. Furthermore, our formula contains living ingredients that not only balance out your complexion but also deliver unparalleled hydration all day long!

For a perfect, natural glamor look; apply foundation with a wet beauty sponge instead of using a brush. This ensures an even blend and creates that flawless finish you desire!

Don’t Overdo It with Primers – A Little Goes a Long Way!

Here at 100%Pure, we believe less is more. Instead of using a bunch of primers, why not utilize one that works double duty and gives you anti-aging benefits as well? Make sure to always layer your serums and oils before applying primer – if you apply the latter first then it’ll create a barrier preventing your treatment from penetrating properly.

Makeup foundation primers are nothing more than everyday primers, only specifically designed to provide your skin with a perfect canvas for layers of makeup. Not only do they help hold the makeup in place through even the busiest day, but also assist in correcting various skin issues if you know what components work best and decide against using anything comedogenic. As it lays directly onto your face – make sure that whatever primer you choose is safe and composed of natural ingredients!

Regenerate and revitalize your complexion with a primer that is enriched with active ingredients. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated, but by using it consistently you can makeover the look of your face in no time!

Wrapping Things Up

Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with 100%Pure’s natural and organic cosmetics and skincare products. Our plant-based living ingredients are sure to provide you with healthier, more vibrant looking skin without having to use harsh chemicals! Choose a better option for your beauty routine today – choose 100%Pure!Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with 100%Pure’s natural and organic cosmetics and skincare products. Our plant-based living ingredients are sure to provide you with healthier, more vibrant looking skin without having to use harsh chemicals! Choose a better option for your beauty routine today – choose 100%Pure!Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with 100%Pure’s natural and organic cosmetics and skincare products. Our plant-based living ingredients are sure to provide you with healthier, more vibrant looking skin without having to use harsh chemicals! Choose a better option for your beauty routine today – choose 100%Pure!

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